It’s Time to Stop Being Afraid of Starting Your Own Business – 3 Ways to Conquer Your Fear!

As Halloween approaches, so does the end of the spookiest month of the year. October is the perfect time of the year to embrace your fears and fight them head-on – and what can be scarier than starting your own business! Probably clowns or spiders, but you can conquer those fears next year.  Taking that […]

It’s Time to Remember All the ‘Sweet’ Things About Your Business! Sweetest Day Has Arrived!

It’s the best time of the year – some may say it’s the ‘sweetest’. With Sweetest Day happening this past Saturday, it’s a good time to remind yourself why you started your company and what makes it so great.  The end of the year is a perfect time to take a step back and reflect […]

How Often Should You Update Your Website? Ways to Tell It’s Time

Making sure your website is up-to-date is an important step in keeping your business current. Nowadays customers get a lot of their information through the internet. Customers spend a considerable amount of time researching different goods and services online before making a decision. Making sure your website is ready for an audience will help increase […]

Why You Should Take Advantage of Facebook Advertising

Advertising is an important and necessary step to take for any business wanting to get their company known. In a previous blog, we talked about this importance and how often you should be advertising, along with the different types.  Taking advantage of paid advertising through Facebook gets you one step closer to broadening your audience. […]

End of Summer Recap – How to Prepare for the First Day of Fall for Businesses

Say goodbye to the last remaining heat of summer and hello to crisp fall air. September 23rd has come which means the first day of Fall has finally arrived. With a new season comes new opportunities for businesses. As we approach Autumn, we start to come down from the relaxed fun of summer and begin […]

How to Create Content for your Website – 3 Ways to Help!

Are you in the process of creating a website for your business? Are you revamping your current website? The content for your website is the magnet that helps bring in traffic – it’s a crucial step to have a strategy in plan. Here we’ll list ways to help build a strong client-focused content strategy for […]

How Often Should I Advertise? Some Tips and Tricks on How to Promote your Business

As a small business, making sales and running advertisements is a huge step in the progression of your company and reaching out to a wider audience. If people are not aware of your business then your business doesn’t exist to them. Promoting your business is an important hurdle to cross to make sure people know […]

Who is the Target Audience for my Business? 3 Benefits to Knowing Who to Target your Business Toward

Knowing who you are targeting your business towards is a core element in your marketing strategy. If you aren’t aware of who your audience is you won’t know what strategies to use, let alone the platform you should begin marketing on. What kind of messages will you send? How will you continue to keep that […]

Labor Day Marketing Strategies – 3 Tips to Help You This Labor Day Weekend!

With school starting back up and cooler air making its way in, it can only mean one thing – Labor Day weekend is getting closer! As Labor Day approaches, so does another chip in the remaining days of summer. As people celebrate together with barbecues and parties, it’s time for business owners to take this […]

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