Why Your Brand Should Consider Using Private Messaging Apps to Connect Directly With Your Customers

The days of calling up a toll-free number to speak to a company’s representative are gone. The brand’s social media account has become the best place for customer-company engagement today. Customers can type a public message on the brand’s wall/profile or privately send them a direct message.  Compared to the former (public message), the latter (private message) is a […]

Using Social Media to Form Authentic Relationships With Your Audience

Companies that focus on making the customer experience positive and seamless generate revenues that are 5.7X more than companies that don’t focus on customer experience.  For most people, the first step in the customer experience journey starts on social media. After all, that is where they discover new brands/products, seek information/reviews about them, and sometimes visit the e-store or […]

Want To Increase Your Followers On Instagram? | Here Are 2020 Tips To Increasing Instagram Followers

Want to learn how to get more Instagram followers in 2020? Although user growth has reportedly dropped, Instagram still retains its position as the second most widely used social networking channel (in the U.S.) behind Facebook. The Instagram application is the second most popular iPhone app (after YouTube). Out of a billion monthly Instagram users, […]

Running An Ecommerce Business On A Subdomain, Is It A Good Idea? Root Domain Vs Subdomain

In this article, we are going to share the insights on Root Domain Vs Subdomain. Search engines have metrics applied to pages, such as PageRank, and metrics used to subdomains and root domains (including things like TrustRank, different quality scores, domain-level link metrics like Domain mozRank, etc.). SEOs have established such steady patterns of behavior […]

Why Is It A Good Idea To Choose A Mobile Site Over A Desktop Website? Mobile Website Vs Desktop Website

Companies are becoming increasingly conscious that they need to follow a mobile strategy. Not only has the number of mobile-only internet users exceeded desktop-only, but the usage of apps has also exceeded the usage of desktops. Despite this change, companies are rethinking their mobile strategies. However, the biggest problem they may face is whether a […]

10 Industries That Are Expected To Boom After Pandemic COVID 19

Coronavirus ( COVID 19 ) has infected more than 135,000 people and killed more than 5,000 people, with the countries most affected being Iran, Italy, and China. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, several sports activities were delayed including the NBA, Series A, La Liga, and the release of movies, but the main harm was inflicted […]

3 Reasons Why Google My Business Search Queries Don’t Match The Search Console

Google Queries launched in Google My Business in July 2018 but was not open to everyone until the end of August. Now that this new functionality is completely rolled out knowing how it varies from data from the Search Console is the biggest problem we’ve run into. What Is Google My Business And Why Should […]

Best Technologies For App Development | What’s The Latest!

Choosing a mobile app development platform is almost like making a one-time purchase. The role of cell phones is constant in our daily lives and activities. That’s because there’s a massive transformation going on in that cell phones are no longer the conventional communication system they used to be. For individuals and companies alike, it […]

Are You Planning A Startup? Flutter Mobile App Development Might Be The Right Fit For You

Run a quick Google search for ‘Flutter,’ and here’s what you’re going to get — “Create native apps in record time.” Well, isn’t that music to the ears of every startup founder? Flutter for MVP production should be the first choice for startups that are short on time but high on ambition to release their […]

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