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by roc March 2016
Strategy, Web Design

Common Mistakes that Kill your Website Design

web design is no easy task but it shouldn’t be too hard for an expert either. The key to creating a design that people actually love is recognizing the things that simply don’t work and doing your best to avoid them. We’ve seen web designers perform these mistakes all the time.
From using complicated navigation tools to the wrong choice of color scheme and minute fonts, these forbidden design practices should end once and for all. Let’s look at the common mistakes that can ruin your site’s design.
Use of too many colors: Only few people can get away with a website that is designed with many color schemes. Even those that do must carefully consider the color schemes they use. They should blend together well and not appear too flashy.
Busy backgrounds: A good web design will have a very simple yet captivating background. The background and text should blend well with each other. Avoid flashing and spinning messages and texts on the background.

Excessive use of images: Using too many images on a web page is distracting to users. If you want people to concentrate on the copy on your web page then use minimal images. Spinning and flashing texts will not only distract users but they also make your site to load slower.
Use of multiple fonts: The type of font used can make or break a good website design. When the font size is too small, most people will strain reading the site’s content. Again using different types of fonts can make the site to appear disorderly. Choose the wrong font size and type and the site will look unappealing to most users. Make the structure consistent by choosing a similar font size and type from one page to the next. A lot of disparities will steal away the site’s professional look.
Making web pages too wide: No one has the time to scroll from left to right in order to read the content on a website. A design that is too wide is simply tiring for today’s fast-paced online users. Keep the width short and if possible, make sure the user doesn’t have to scroll from left to right when they visit the site using a standard desktop computer.
Mixing alignments: A web page that contains different alignments can take away the order and structural appeal of your site. The best thing is to choose one type of alignment, preferably justified and stick to it all through.
Pop-up windows: Other than slowing down the website, pop-up windows are very irritating. In fact, never use them because they will annoy the reader and likely push people away from the site. These elements also make your site appear unprofessional.
Complex navigation: A user-friendly web design will have easy navigation. Making navigation simple and natural allows users to visit more pages on the site. Use simple navigation systems and make sure the menus don’t disappear faster than the user gets a chance to click on anything.

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