Technology Agnostic

Here at Reversed Out we have worked hard to have a network of developers who have a wide array of skill sets so that we are “technology agnostic” rather than just a “such and such” shop. This philosophy allows us to work in technical areas across many platforms such as WordPress or Drupal or .Net and Java for example. As much as we would like websites to all utilize the same technology, we know that companies build their tools in different ways.

We know that technology can sometimes be confusing. We have worked with businesses in many different ways. A recurring theme for us is transitionary periods. When there is turnover at a business in the technology department it leads to a domino effect of confusion within departments like marketing. Reversed Out’s consultants have experience making these types of transitions easier by providing assistance and stepping in temporarily until an organization can find a new hire or bring the rest of the team up to speed.

The Latest and Greatest – Trendy or Not

What you can always expect from Reversed Out is our development team are well versed in making a website using Responsive and Adaptive Design technology such as CSS (WC3) and HTML5. Your website will be browser compatibility for all the biggies – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer. We do whatever it takes to get the job done. We can recommend the best plugins that go with your technology platform and will also meet browser compatibility as part of your web design process.

If you are looking for a content management system, we recommend WordPress Engine. We can help you host your site there as well. Whatever your needs for your new or existing website, Reversed Out will do whatever it takes to get the work done.

For additional information about our development approach, take a look at Web Development.