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by roc June 2016

Time Users Spend On Your Website

50 Seconds is all you get. On average, the time users spend on your website is roughly 50 seconds. Keeping visitors interested enough to stay on a website for more than a few seconds is getting harder. Your goal is to keep them viewing content as long as possible, and more importantly keep them coming back to see your content again. Without new, current and engaging content, you might as well have an “Under Construction” notice on your main page, because visitors are fickle and move on quickly.

Why do users leave a website?

There are three main reasons why a user will leave your website:
First, consider your website layout. If you have a poor design or an unorganized layout, the user won’t stick around trying to figure it out. Visitors don’t want to search layer after layer to find what they want. They want it fast, simple, and efficient.
Second, are you using pop-ups and autoplay? If your website has any pop-up ads or videos that play automatically, there’s a good chance the user will click away. Auto pop-ups and sound bites are annoying to most user experience. You are driving them away like finger nails on a chalkboard.
Third, as we have stated before, Content is King. Your content will make or break your website. Users don’t want to search through irrelevant and old content to find what they’re looking for. Their time is valuable, bring them value with your content and they will be back.

How to optimize the time users spend on your website.

Remember that UX design is important. You want to create an environment for the user that makes them feel excited and happy to interact with. The three most important things to remember are; keep it easy, useful, and valuable.
Keep your design organized and easy to maneuver so the user doesn’t have any difficulties figuring your website out. Don’t let the user waste time finding something on your site, keep it simple. Get rid of pop-ups! Instead, try using links to lead the user in the direction you want them to go. Links show the user that there is more to learn, but makes them feel less pressured to view it. Finally, consider your content. The easiest way to keep a user coming back is to provide great content. Update often and make sure everything is relevant to what you’re advertising.

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