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5 Hidden Easter Eggs From Across the Web

April 2019
easter eggs

It’s that time of year where you bring out your pastel colors, eat a lot of chocolate bunnies, and find some hidden eggs! Instead of looking through your backyard for some eggs, have you thought to look online? There are a ton of hidden Easter eggs all over the internet that are fun to explore. The type of Easter eggs we’re going to talk about are the hidden features, jokes or messages on different media. The different media include the ones on a website, in a video game, or in a computer program. It’s also a great time to consider hiding some fun features on your website too! It’s a fun way to connect with your audience and to help keep things fresh and exciting. If you need some help or advice for adding Easter eggs of your own to your website, consider reaching out to our team to help!

Here we’ll list 5 hidden Easter eggs that are fun to find and we encourage you to find them as well!


Type “Askew” or “Do a Barrel Roll” in the Search Bar

Google has a lot of fun hidden Easter eggs that you can find by searching the right phrase. Next time you’re on google try searching for the word “askew” – you might find that something feels a little off. Also, try googling the sentence “Do a Barrel Roll” – but try not to blink too fast, things might seem a little upside down.

Search for “Atari Breakout”

Another Google Easter egg has to do with the famous Atari Breakout game that released in 1976. Try searching for “Atari Breakout” and clicking on the “Images” tab. Be prepared to find your typical results, but with a fun twist of the classic Atari game.

No Connection? No Problem.

A popular Easter egg from Google happens when you lose your internet connection. Once you lose your connection the “There is no connection” page will pop up, along with a dinosaur. Next time this happens to you try hitting the spacebar. The results may make you want to disconnect your internet more often.

I’m Feeling Lucky

On the Google main page you have an option to click on “Google Search” or “I’m Feeling Lucky”. Before clicking the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button yet, try hovering your mouse over it. You may be surprised to see a slot machine effect take place.


Finding Amazons Secret Button

This one may take some time to find, but it’s fun to search for. Once on Amazon’s main page navigate to the “Full Store Directory”. Once there scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Underneath the “1996-2019” you will find a secret link to a letter.


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