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Here’s Why You Should Go the Minimalist Route When Designing Your Company Web Page

March 2020
minimalist website design

Did you know that about 48 percent of individuals decide if a business is credible based on the design of their website?

This means that you may lose customers or potential business partners if you don’t have a website that’s convincing enough. This speaks volumes on how crucial it is for businesses to invest in their website design, which is their digital representation and the first point of contact that people have with their brand.

We at Reversed Out Creative believe that you can never go wrong with a minimalist approach in web design. Here are several reasons why:

A minimalist website loads faster

One of the most critical factors that decide user experience is the site load time. If your website takes four seconds or more to load, users are likely to leave your site, resulting in a loss of potential customers.

Minimalist website design contains fewer design elements, be it images, text, or videos. As a result, the page is “lighter”, translating to shorter loading times, especially for landing pages and home pages.

A minimalist website is more comfortable to navigate

A website that’s easier to use is appreciated by visitors since it’s simpler to navigate and collect information. Saving time and greatly improving the overall user experience.

A minimalist website design makes it much easier for users to differentiate individual elements of the web page. Minimalism is all about stripping the website down to the essential design elements. It’s important to remember that a fewer number of options makes for more straightforward exploration.

A minimalist website is easier to consume

You might already know that users don’t read everything written on a website. Therefore, it is crucial for you to highlight the most critical texts so they stand out while users scan your page.

When you remove unnecessary design elements users find it easier to focus on the things that matter most, providing a better overall experience.

A minimalist website leads to higher conversion rates

A website that looks old and outdated doesn’t translate very well for any business. It gives the impression that the firm does not care about its brand image or user experience. This often leads many people to lose interest in collaborating with them.

However, with a simple and aesthetically appealing website design, you are more likely to generate quality leads, nurture them, and convert them into paying customers.

Reversed Out Creative is a Covington ad agency that’s well-versed with designing minimalist websites that can boost your business. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you!



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