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Should I Include Videos on my Website? 3 Reasons Why Videos Could Help You

August 2019

How you go about organizing and preparing your website is more important than ever. It’s critical to understand the best way to engage and grab your viewers attention. There are multiple ways to go about making a website for your company. Here at Reversed Out, we are capable of showing you those ways and discussing what is best for your company. Deciding what to put on your website is the tricky part. How much is too little or too much information? What images are best? How many different links should you have? 

One creative way to help your website stand out is through the addition of video elements. Showcasing videos is a great option that could provide many benefits for your website and overall company. Here we’ll list 3 reasons why adding videos to your website could help you!

Deliver a Message

There’s no better way to quickly and efficiently deliver your company’s message than through a video. Consider creating a quick and impactive custom video of your company. Your message shouldn’t contain every small detail of your business, but it’s a nice compliment to your website and helps the strength of your company’s core. You could introduce your website or your business, you could introduce your team, or you could use the video as a way to connect closer to your audience.

Share your Message

Using custom videos is a great way to broaden your website visitors and improve your SEO. Videos are also more easily shareable which helps expand your company to more people. This will be even more notable if you started sharing your videos on multiple platforms, such as YouTube or Instagram. It’s okay to have fun with your videos as well. The more relatable and open you are the more your audience will feel connected to you and your company. Create that connection and encourage others to share your custom video to become more noticeable!

Encourage your Message

We’ve mentioned this in previous blogs, but it’s important to know your message. Understand what your company stands for and how you pitch your company to others. Think about your goals for your website and how you can achieve them. The addition of videos to your website could help with a lot of these benchmarks. Keep your website exciting and a joy to be on to help encourage your visitors to come back and stay longer.

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