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American Modern Insurance Group - Reversed Out

American Modern Insurance Group

Challenged with creating an engaging careers site, Reversed Out stepped up and built a beautiful experience. AMIG had just rebranded and needed something that took their logo and color scheme into an updated website for potential new hires.


How do you attract young people to work at your big corporate insurance company in the far-flung suburbs of Cincinnati? That’s a challenge many companies face but AMIG took the bull by the horns and it worked. After a rebranding of their logo and offices that even included adding a Starbucks, they were ready to tell their refreshed story on the website.


Reversed Out was tasked with leveraging the new logo and color palette to build a new careers site. The goal of the site was to attract millenials to the company. We really wanted to position AMIG as a great place to work by using real examples. Stories are often the best way to sell a brand and when they are sincere then that’s even better. We continue to work with AMIG as a technology and marketing partner.

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