Content Creation And Organization

Everyone needs copy. Content is king.

The one thing that slows down any project is the copy. Countless websites have stalled because someone thinks they have what it takes to write up their content. Months later, nothing. Keep your projects moving with help.

Content is King

This phrase coined by Bill Gates in 1996 is still relevant today in the digital world. Your website, its content and how it is organized in your site is one of the key pillars to a successful website. There is no need for the yellow pages, people find your business through searching on the internet. Your website needs to tell that potential customer more than just your contact information. Your website should tell your business “story”. This is content creation.

Reversed Out can assist you in creating the many ways your website can tell your story: Copy Creation, Market Auditing, Inbound Marketing, Content Classification.

How can I get help with Content Creation?

Copy, or your story in words, important as it is, can also be difficult for a company to create. You may not be a great writer or more so, editor. Could be you just can’t find the right words. Poor content results in poor search engine results, or your SEO/SEM ranking results. If your website pages and content do not reflect how users will search for information, your site will not be easily found. Additionally, if the content does not provide enough quality information, your site ranking in the SEO/SEM world becomes negligible.

Reversed Out has experienced copy writers and editors as part of our team that can assist you in reviewing and organizing your content. We can make recommendations about what words and phrases will help increase successful searches leading to your site. In combination with our web design standards, creating searchable copy is only one element in your content we can help you with.

How do I find out what long-tailed words work for my site?

Maybe you just said, “What the heck are long-tailed words?” You aren’t alone. Reversed Out’s team is here to help through Marketing Audit Services. We have a team who thrives on figuring out what your competition and other business similar to your own are using on the web. A marketing audit reviews the digital content out on the web to help determine how users are entering a string of key words, or long-tailed words, to find websites to answer their query.

Our team digs through all the data and assembles an audit report BEFORE we design your website and you write your content so we can have a full strategic approach in web design, content and technology. As we design the site with you, recommendations are made for your site mapping, term classification and meta tags to help enhance all the hard work done with your content.

Getting the Word Out

Now that we have designed a beautiful site and created searchable content that is meaningful, you might wonder, “How do I get the word out?” This is one of those last pillars to a complete website marketing strategy, inbound marketing. Depending upon your business and user profiles this can be achieved in several ways through social media, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. But also through email newsletters or sale offers and blogs. The goal of each of these marketing tools are to bring customers “inbound” to your website.

Reversed Out marketing experts and partners like Relequint have vast experience in creating an inbound marketing strategy for your business to help you take your website, new or existing, to a new level. By using tools such as Hubspot, we will help create a strategic plan with you for getting the word out.

Let us help you with content creation and express the many stories of your company as part of a greater story, your website.

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