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App Development

Logo design and overall look of the brand throughout all channels

Do you have the next hot mobile app?

Apps are still a hot request for us. most customers today demand the convenience of an app from your business.

You might not have the next popular dating app but you probably have a business who’s customers would fine one convenient. Reversed Out works with your team to uncover business goals and how we can make something that engages with people.

Planning is the key to a great app

We start by putting clear ideas down on paper as early in the process as possible. We leverager prototyping tools and create a detailed, screen-by-screen mock-up/wireframe of your app. We also need to be clear about your requirements and make sure we are delivering on those as well as others you might not have considered. Our user-experience experts can come up big in this stage of the process. We can work with your tech team to deteremine what data can be accessible and what should not, user permissions, security and device flexibility.


Planning is how we ensure that your app works on all mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and even smart watches? There are many different operating systems to consider and you will want to work with our developers who know how to build for both the Android operating system and Apple’s iOS.


Reversed Out is more than a team of designers and developers, we can also help you build a business. Many people building mobile apps have no clear monitization plan. Our team have worked with many businesses who need to leverage their app to make money. Even if this just seems like an expense to make life easier for your current customers we can uncover ways to make the app drive more business. Let’s get to work!

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