Brand Design

Logo design and overall look of the brand throughout all channels

a unified brand will set you apart

start with a unique brand that ties into your service offering. Build out all components of the brand from color selection to font choices. Then build all of the sales materials to feel part of your brand family

It is easy to over think a logo design and under brand your company. It is a common problem with small businesses. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Simplicity in design and consistent usage are key to the most successful brands we know in our everyday lives. Think about all logo’s you know without extra words or explanation: Apple, Starbuck’s, Twitter, Walt Disney World, Target. Each of these company’s have a brand that is recognizable just by their logo. More so, the logo is incorporated into all of their branding from shopping bags to mobile app icons.

Reversed Out’s creative design team can take your existing logo to a new level by helping you create branding around the logo. Big agencies use us, you can too. Our design team has a history and background with the large design firms in Cincinnati. We have the experience and creativity to take your ideas and business industry into consideration to design a logo to fit your needs.

Best Branding in Cincinnati

Your company branding goes beyond your logo design. It is the font you use, the colors you select, how you position your logo, phrases and words you use. Branding is the style to your marketing strategy. If you are creating a new brand, or wanting to re-brand, Reversed Out believes your logo and brand should have longevity. Your brand can be current and modern and still live beyond the trend. We are here to help you create that strategy.

What is a Brand Strategy and Logo Design?

Let’s go back to the Apple example and the innovation the logo represents to the brand. Not only is it a literal representative of the name, but it is also considered in every element of design for the company. Not only products such as phones or computers but the packaging, the website, and the naming of products. This represents a consistent brand strategy.

Think about your favorite sporting team, or a wedding. What if everyone showed up wearing various colors and nothing matched. Your first impression might be such that the team is unorganized or the wedding was poorly planned. Humans look for the consistency in nature. Your brand and how you use creates a lasting impression and value to any customer.

What tools can help me with branding?

Reversed Out has that attention to detail trait. Making us one of those key tools to help you define and design your brand. We leverage your vision and goals to help conduct a branding audit. We review how you communicate with your customer, print, email, website, brochures, you name it. We can cover all aspects of your current strategy or early planning process.

The Reversed Out team works with you to help develop a strategy for your brand that will fit your marketing and advertising budget while providing a high-end product that will take your company into its future.

Let us help you create a consistent brand that can leverage your company identity to its fullest.

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