Digital Strategy

You need a plan and reversed out can help you do many thing to get there

Digital has brought Change

It’s not as easy as it use to be. Blasting out TV and commercials to the masses. there are so many marketing channels for you to consider and how do you know which ones are right? That’s where we come in.

1. Know your brand.

To create your digital strategy, first, you have to make sure you know your brand. After all, without a brand, there is no strategy to be made. So, ask yourself, why does my brand exist? What does my brand do? Does my brand have a story? What kind of message is my company trying to send to the audience? Answering these four simple questions will show you how familiar you really are with your business. A brand is a logo, an attitude, and how the company chooses to present a product, so, branding yourself is an extremely important chunk of running your company. Getting to know your brand is what opens the door for others to learn who you are. It is the first big step to getting on top of the digital world.

2. Set business goals.

Typically, to have a good digital strategy, you have to be able to set and achieve business goals. Your website or mobile app should be a part of what you use to reach these goals. Goals will only be effective in your strategy if you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, and how you plan to achieve it.
To start, you should draw a clear line between your long-term and short-term goals. Long term goals come in to play when you start making plans for further ahead or future things, whereas short term goals are hoped to be achieved soon (within the next day, week, month). For example, let’s say your goal is to increase your company’s overall sales/revenue. Doubling your revenue over the span of a year is a long term goal, but you would use short term goals, such as increasing online sales, to reach it.

3. Know your audience.

Think about the most successful companies you know. Chances are, you remember things like the logo, product presentation, website, or business cards. All of these components are speaking for that specific brand. By communicating your brand to your customers, you’re setting the tone for your business. This comes into play when you’re building out your digital strategy because it determines who you’ll be communicating to – your audience.
What kind of audience are you hoping to reach? What does your audience want to see from your content? If you don’t know who is interested in what you are offering, it is hard to focus specifically with a customer you intend to attract. If your customer likes strawberry but you only have raspberry, but think everyone likes raspberry, increasing your sales will be difficult. A marketing audit can assist in understanding who your competitors are reaching out to as well as what kind of customers you might be missing. This marketing audit along with your brand’s tone and audience all play a role in designing and planning a successful digital strategy.

4. Utilize Social Media.

Research shows that over 78% of American adults use some form of social media. This means, your brand has the potential to reach that 78%, all by utilizing your social accounts. For business use, social media is a great way to do a lot with just a little bit of budget. Advertising and getting your name out there is a pretty big part of building a strong digital strategy, and it’s made easier and cheaper – if not free – with the use of apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…
This doesn’t mean your company has to have an account with every social network out there. Start with one or two accounts and work your way up from there. Not sure which platform is right for your brand? No problem, check out our blog called “Top 10 Social Media Sites” to get a better understanding of the different types of social platforms.

5. Create Quality Content.

Having a website is only a good thing when the content is valuable and relevant. Having interesting content that draws the audience in might just be the most important component of your entire digital strategy. Without decent content, your website is incomplete. The reason users visit a site is to easily gain valuable and relevant information about your company in a quick, user friendly way. If the users are unsatisfied with the information you provide, they will not hesitate to go somewhere else to get what they want.
When creating your content, stay on topic, keep it short and to the point so the reader doesn’t get lost in irrelevant information. You can communicate and explain better by adding pictures and videos to go with your message, but remember that every single piece of content you share should support your brand. The most important thing is to keep the information coming to capture the users. A good digital strategy is to continue making new/updated content to reach out to new clients, while still keeping the ones who are already loyal to your brand.

The digital world has changed the rules of advertising and marketing for all business. The classic paper and mail standards, while still available for limited situations are not available 24 hours a day like your website. Are you wondering about how to drive more traffic to your site and make new customers too? Your website can be much more than your digital business card, it can be a driver of new customers coming to you from places you may never have considered. Reversed Out offers a suite of Advertising and Marketing services including marketing audits, inbound marketing plans, working with social media, email marketing and blogs.

What Are The Jones’ Doing ?

You know you need something different for your business but not sure where to start. The world of the web can make it difficult to know how to build a marketing strategy in the digital world; let alone how to advertise. Reversed Out can help you find a starting point and assist your company to gain a market you may never have considered. After all, it is the WORLD-wide web.

We have a team who can help with a Marketing Audit. Literally, an investigation of your company, your competitors and where your market and customers spend their online time. The result is a recommendation and plan for your company to consider. We weed out the problems and recommend a solution to help design a marketing and advertising strategy to take your company to the next level.

Let us take a look at your digital business and help you Reverse Out your marketing strategy.

I’m Not A Household Name

Most businesses in the past have had to spend a large amount of money to market their company and products to gain household recognition. In the world of technology, a little investment can go a long way and have your company attracting customers not normally available to a company your size. The difference is inbound marketing.

Reversed Out’s team understands that the key to doing business online requires inbound marketing. Your web design is one part of this process, but inbound marketing gets strangers to your site and can convert them into a customer or even better a promoter of your work. We follow the Hubspot methodology as well as Hubspot tools to help create the content on your site that will most benefit your customers/clients. Afterall, Content is king in the eBuisness world.

Common methods for creating inbound marketing include establishing a blog on your site, using social media to communicate your blog as well as events, completed projects (your press). Email marketing can be used through leads received from surveys or contact forms available on your site. The key is to find the right combination that makes your website relevant to the digital world as well as your customer. Provide content that interests them and helps drive them to action such as “liking” you on a social media outlet.

My Business Requires A Mix Of Advertising And Marketing

No problem! We are a one stop shop for you. The Reversed Out Creative team can help you put together a traditional media buying plan as well as design the ads, brochures and one pagers you need to accompany your ad blitz.

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