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It’s Time to Clean Up Your Website! 3 Tips to Start Your Spring Cleaning off Right.

March 2019
3 Tips To Start Your Spring Cleanup Of Your Website

Remember to Update!

It’s a wonderful time to make sure all of your software, plugins, any copyright notices, contact information, and any other items on your list are officially up to date. It’s essential for your business to maintain a current website to help your visitors see the validity of your business. In addition, users will look to see if your website is being actively maintained in order to determine the relevancy of your business. For software and plugins, it’s important that they remain updated to ensure any additional features or changes are applied to your website. In fact, failure to continually update plugins might result in unwanted security vulnerabilities. Don’t leave your content in the past either! Did you change your phone number recently? Your email? Maybe you moved locations. Whatever it may be, remember to continue to update your contact information as well. So take that time to update everything that needs your attention!

Check Your Links!

This goes hand-in-hand with updating your website. Checking for broken links embedded in your web page could be the difference in keeping your visitors! Over time, pages on websites can move, break, or be taken down entirely without your knowledge. Nobody likes stumbling upon a “404” error page. You lose that trust with your customers and could even damage your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Take the time to check your links; Try looking for a link tracker, or reach out to our team to help you look!

Check Your Mobile Pages

We recently wrote a blog about making your website mobile-friendly. Making sure your website is accessible on mobile devices is a key part of your online presence. As you go through and update your web pages continue to preview how they look and operate on your mobile devices. Take the time to check out the links through mobile, as well as on your full website. Make sure you can navigate around and successfully access everything.

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