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The Most Essential List Of Tools For Motion Graphics

April 2021
Motion Graphics

Be it a small-scale brand or full-fledged company, maintaining an attractive website, a social media page, or even making an advertisement, all a client asks for is to incorporate motion graphics. From advertisements, social networks, education, and entertainment, in the modern world, motion graphics software is a must-have.

With motion graphics, an idea is presented clearly and effectively. They add an “oomph” factor making a normal website or app more attractive, bright, and interesting. Motion graphics are entertaining and informative videos or any type of animated graphics: characters, symbols, logos, infographics, or effects.

Explore The Best Tools For Graphics

As a business, if you’re looking to update your website or a social media page, this field will open more horizons and help you yield your desired results, while also reaching and convincing more and more customers. As a motion graphics designer the more you research, the more you realize how vast they are with never-ending experiments.

The demand for Cincinnati marketing videos is at an all-time high, with the top-ranking digital marketing and social media agencies in the region of Cincinnati Ohio.

A Few Vital Tools to Begin with Motion Graphics

A designer requires not only an excellent creative eye but should also have an exceptional understanding of several tools in the software. As a beginner, there is just too much to learn and one might get puzzled by the number of computer animation software programs available. Every single tool in the software has its own significance and should be used wisely to enhance one’s knowledge. New software is launched every now and then, changing the whole dynamic of how this industry works.

Here is a list of tools required to create a sensational marketing video:


The primary tool for editing, designing, and creating is Photoshop. It is an elementary tool for all motion designers and graphics designers in the industry. It is an editing software and has vast capabilities. A common phrase, “This looks like it has been Photoshopped” is used to imply that an image has been altered in some way or another. This is just the tip of the iceberg for this software as it is very versatile. Photoshop’s key features include:

1. Resizing images

2. Cropping out images from photographs

3. Creating new designs using filters and advanced features

4. Creating paintings

5. Editing textures

6. Making design boards

7. Joining images together

8. Creating Gifs

9. Rotoscoping

And so many more…

Photoshop is very user-friendly software. All you need to know are the basics and have a creative mind to take your designing skills to a higher level.


Another famous software that designers primarily use in the designing industry is Illustrator. It is similar to Photoshop, yet there are a lot of different variations in the functions of Illustrator. One notable difference is that Photoshop works with bitmap editing while Illustrator is completely vector-based editing software. Vector images are created in this software; these are the images that you can scale infinitely without pixelating them. Vector images play a very important role while creating motion graphics workflow for the logos, shape objects, and vector backgrounds. Files can easily be imported in Illustrator for animating them.


Some of the key features of this software are:

1. Pixel-Perfect Designs

2. Snap to Pixel Capability

3. Built-In Design Templates and Pre-sets

4. CSS Extractor Tool

5. Colour Synchronization

6. Free Transform Option

7. Images in Brushes

8. Path Segment Reshaping Options

9. Perspective Drawing Enhancements

10.  Anchor Point Enhancement Options

11.   Dynamic Symbols

12.   Live Shapes Capability

13.   Shape builder Freeform Mode

14.   Smart Guides

With this software, files can easily be imported into the After Effects Software to create animation. Another feature of this software is when you change the look of a logo in Illustrator, it automatically gets updated in After Effects.

After Effects

After Effects is a primary tool for motion designers, its flexibility and versatility make it user-friendly and the most favorite among animators. It is a 2.5D animation software that allows you to design, alter, composite, and animate 2D and 3D designs. After completing a design and creating a storyboard in Photoshop and Illustrator, this software is used to animate and manipulate it as a motion graphic design. It also allows you to turn third-party plug-ins like Effect Browser, Compositional Panel, and Timeline into motion art.


A little about the features of this software:

1.     Logo Reveals

2.    Title Animation

3.     3D Compositing

4.     Motion Tracking

5.     Object Removal

6.     Simulation Effects

7.     Template Creation

8.     Slideshow Design

9.     UX/UI Design Mock-ups

10.   Web Design Mock-ups

11.   Explainer Videos

12.   Kinetic Typography

13.   VFX

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is software used for editing videos based on the timeline. It is software that has integrated both After Effects and Premier together, which has made it very important and is used by video editors as well as motion designers. One can make final adjustments to compositions and images without having to render them. This software is also used to bring video and audio together.


Features of this software are:

1.      Simultaneous Projects

2.     Motion Graphics Templates

3.     Shared Projects

4.     VR Editing

5.      VR Rotate Sphere

6.      VR Audio Editing

7.      Effects

8.      Video Titling & Graphics

9.     Transitions

10.   Regional Closed Caption Standards

11.   Labels

12.   Lumetri Support

13.   Type Tool

14.   Libraries

15.   Multiple Video Types

Premiere Pro is amongst the most popular software used by motion design studios all around the world, it is even popular among the marketing studios that create Cincinnati marketing videos.

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a designer’s favorite tool when it comes to animating a design, as it is convenient and comparatively easy to use. Cinema 4D has unique features and supports various GPU accelerated rendering engines; allowing a designer to render the highest quality 3D models on their computer screen. Be it modeling, animation, or simulation effects, Cinema 4D is the go-to tool.


1.      Volume builder

2.      Fields

3.      Node-based Shaders

4.     UV Unwrapping

5.      Improved CAD Importer

6.     Alembic baking

This software is also compatible with some GPU accelerated render engines that allow you to render out high-quality 3D models faster. Octane is the most popular render engine, a third-party engine that one can find all over Hollywood studios and local studios.

Mocha AE

Mocha AE is another amazing software that is a planar-based tracking system, which means it tracks motion beyond a cluster of pixels. For animation artists interested in performing screen replacements, removing objects, or rotoscoping, this makes Mocha an extremely powerful tool.

Mocha AE tracks movement beyond simply monitoring a cluster of pixels. At the initial stage, it’ll be smooth for you to virtually track any move with ease. This application is very convenient, and you can quickly bounce from AE to track a shot in Mocha and reverse back to the AE with the monitored camera data.

These capabilities make Mocha AE an excellent choice for a lot of motion designers. Further, it’s more beneficial for industrial projects. Candidates who are making plans to enroll in the industrial enterprise must try this tool and who knows, one may create a few breathtaking motion graphics pieces.


It can be a bit hard to master at first, but once you get used to it, you will be able to easily track any movement.

1.      Advanced Modules: Lens, Insert, Remove, 3D Solve, Stabilize

2.      GPU accelerated tracking and object removal

3.      Stereo 360/VR workflows

4.      Export data to industry-standard systems

This software is built into After Effects, which means you can easily jump from After effects to track a shot in Mocha, and then back into After Effects with tracked data. This app comes in very handy when you work commercially in the industry.

Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is an incredible tool that works well when looking to explore 2D animation and craft new stories. Animate is used to develop vector graphics and animations for TV series, online animation, websites, web applications, game development, and other interactive projects. This software is also suitable for Android, iOS, Windows desktop, and MacOS applications.


1.      Adobe Animate Camera

2.      Lip-syncing

3.     Vector brushes

4.    Create interactive animations for games, TV shows and the web.

5.     Bring cartoons and banner ads to life

6.     Create animated doodles and avatars

7.     Add action to eLearning content and infographics.

This software allows you to publish on multiple platforms in any format and helps reach viewers on any screen.


The creation of the motion graphics cycle includes several production processes, from simple sketching to combining 3D models into complex dynamic scenes. Since there may be some intermediate processes (for example, a video clip may not contain special visual effects), a special motion graphic program is required for multiple or each different process, so its complex usage is suitable for intricate tasks.

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