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Need New Ideas for Your Business? 3 New Ideas for Your Small Business

May 2019
ideas for small business

Before grilling out for a fun Memorial Day weekend, how about serving up new ideas for small business that you own! Maybe you’re wanting to expand or to simply try something new with your business. It’s good to start writing down all of your inspiration and ideas before deciding on one thing. Here we’ll help list some ideas that could get your creative juices flowing!

Event Planning

For those who are creative entrepreneurs, are you someone who enjoys taking charge and using your organization skills? It may be time to look into becoming an event planner. Many businesses and companies are looking to hire a freelance event planner to help manage and coordinate an array of events! There are corporate events, fundraisers, venues – all needing design, logistics, and coordination. This option could be an amazing addition to an already growing business, especially if you have the location to start from. If you already have an event space that your company is occupying, consider adding on the option of an Event Manager. You’ll be able to utilize your event space while obtaining that one-on-one business with your audience.

Landscape Services

For those who are outdoor enthusiasts, do you currently have a business that already sells materials needed for outdoor use? Maybe your business targets the audience of other outdoor enthusiasts. Another idea that could benefit your company is growing your name as a landscape service. This could be a great addition to an already improving business that focuses more on outdoor materials – especially if your company focuses on creating and selling your own materials. What better way to get your business out there than using the materials you make in person! Get a great website started to help promote your newest service offering and keep things organized!


For those creative in the culinary field, are you already creating wonderful goodies for your company? A great idea for you could be to start catering! This could be a great addition for a business that has access to a commercial kitchen and a small group of staff. Starting a catering business is a wonderful way to get your company out there and noticed. You’ll be able to travel to many different locations and interact one-on-one with your customers. You can take charge of a situation and present your culinary skill to an array of people. This could also lead your company onto making your own branding materials where catering could be a great way to market that.

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