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How to Connect with your Users – 4 Ways to Help!

May 2019
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Being able to understand your audience can be tough – but very important! If you don’t know who your audience is and understand them, your website may suffer. Figure out who your audience is and the content they want. Making that connection with your users will increase website traffic. It will also keep your audience coming back! Here we’ll list 4 ways you can help build that connection and understand your users more.

Understand Your Social Media

Find out what platform your audience uses the most. You might rely on photos and messaging like Instagram. You might also rely on marketing specific products in which case Twitter could be the better option for you. No matter what it is (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.); Find out what you’re selling to your users and which platform helps you promote it. The better you know your platform, the easier it’ll be to connect with your users.

Understand Your Keywords

We wrote a blog that goes into detail on what Keywords are and why they’re important. In short, keywords are the words or phrases that users will type into a search engine. Knowing your keywords will help you know your audience. You’ll be able to find out what your users search for and help guide them to your website. Try figuring out what keywords are relevant to your business and what will help drive that traffic your way.

Understand Want Your Audience Wants

Sometimes it’s as easy as letting your audience speak for themselves. You can connect with your audience by understanding what they want from you and what you can give them. You will be able to tell what your audience is interested in by looking at your analytics. How many times has a user clicked on your site? How long did they stay? Did they buy something? All this information can inform you of what your audience wants to see. Your users are important – take the time to learn more about them!

Understand Your Business

We have mentioned this in previous blogs, but it’s crucial to know your business. Know what your business provides and who your target audience is. You will be able to gain and keep that larger audience by knowing what your company is. Sometimes businesses try to be everything for everybody, but this causes confusion. Often times your company will spread itself too thin trying to please everyone. Keep to your primary business and let your audience tell you what they want.

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