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by roc March 2016
Web Design

Popular Logo Design Trends for 2016

your brand. Is your design trendy or is it something that can live on forever no matter what direction your company takes?
We work a lot with a startup at Reversed Out. They ask us to build their logo based literally on what they do. The problem with that is what you do now isn’t always what you end up doing after you pivot several times. Even large, established businesses can pivot and transform themselves into something completely different. Do you want your logo to say what you did five years ago? Probably not. You need something that will last forever and continue to work in favor of your company and brand.
The title of this post was a bit deceiving because design trends for logos exist but they shouldn’t. Your logo should always be own-able and unique to you. It should not be unique to a product or service you offer unless you are 100% sure that’s what you’ll do forever. We’ve seen it so many times, in startups specifically, pivoting. More than likely it will happen to your brand as well. Style general, unique and don’t try to follow font or color changes. The recognition of Your logo by the market is dictated by the marketing you put behind it not the literal interpretation of a product or service you may not offer in a couple of years. Contact us today and we can help you on your next logo or web design project!

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