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Should I Become Independent for My Small Business – 3 Reasons Why You Should!

July 2019
Independent Entrepreneur

The weather is getting warmer and fireworks are beginning to sell out – that must mean our Independence Day is getting closer! This week is an important time to celebrate the start of your own business and the achievements that come with that. For those that have yet to make the leap into becoming your own independent boss allow us to give you some advice on why you should!


As an independent owner, you get to create your own pace. Not having to worry about the cultures and set ways of corporate life, you get to make your own! If the work balance starts to become unstable or unpredictable, you would have that opportunity to step back and create the right rhythm for you and your company. If you tend to have a busy lifestyle, maybe raising a family or going to school, becoming an independent entrepreneur would help to work with your already busy schedule by controlling your own pace. Owning your own business could also benefit those who have already retired, but still want to get out there and do something! Keep your mind busy and set your own rhythm!


Independence Day is a great time to get closer to your community – so is becoming your own business owner. Take this opportunity to get closer to your community and to give back – especially if you’re already a part of good causes. Once you become an Independent entrepreneur you are able to create your own community culture! You are also able to help create jobs within your community. The relationships you create with your community becomes a strong bond that goes beyond just your business. 


Taking on business and becoming independent can be tough. You start to take on many roles that you may not have had any experience otherwise. However, what comes with new experiences is new ways to express yourself and your abilities. You get to use your creative abilities to help grow your company. You begin to realize the amount of control you begin to have. This could be with your concept of designs, business operations, customer relationships and of course picking the name of your new company! Flex those creative muscles and go outside of your comfort zone. Becoming immersed in your ideas and your vision is one step in the many to come. You are an independent entrepreneur with full control of your future – so get out there and celebrate! 

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