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How Are Artist and Entrepreneurs Similar?

June 2019

Being an entrepreneur is having an idea or product you are wanting to sell. This definition can contribute to many different types of people and careers – and yes that includes the artist. Some may say the distance between being a professional artist and a successful entrepreneur is far in between, but are they really? 

Here we’ll talk about some similarities between both the art and business world and how they could benefit each other!


As an artist and entrepreneur, you need to be known. Your brand is one of the most important steps for any business. The approach to your work is what will help get you noticed and grab the attention of others. If you’re not noticed then you don’t exist and if you don’t exist no one will know about your art or your product. Figure out your style and learn how to present it to your audience. With the help of the arts and the business world, you can create a design and idea to help push that brand even further and gain a larger audience. 


Great entrepreneurs and artist both use their ‘gut’ instincts when figuring out the process of their brand. Intuition is what makes creators different and remembered. Artist and entrepreneurs often combine thinking and doing together. They will start creating not knowing how it may turn out or how long it may take. By following your instincts you figure out what you want to get done no matter how you’re going to get to that end result. This drive and push help bring artists and entrepreneurs together in similarities along with the hopes of change. 

‘The Box”

The best artists and entrepreneurs are on top of what is the most ‘trendy’ and popular right now – and then go against it. Both improve what has already been made and go beyond what is popular now. We live in a fast-paced world that constantly looks for newer solutions and creations. Artists and entrepreneurs have the mindset and capabilities to think ‘outside the box’ and go beyond the ‘norm’.


All great artists and entrepreneurs are known for getting very passionate with their works/creations. They tend to get lost in their art or business and may get consumed by it. It’s common to hear about artist spending many hours working away in their studios while entrepreneurs work long shifts throughout the week or weekend. They work on creating the best of what they can and work harder surrounded by others who can relate. 

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