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5 Signs Your Web Designer is Inadequate

September 2016
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On average, web design services for a small company can range anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000, depending on the functionality of the site. Why the large variance? Obviously, the size and functionality, but the quality of the web designer can be something to consider. A basic rule of thumb to use is, you get what you pay for. If your website is costing you less than a $1,000, then chances are your web designer isn’t professional and using cheap templates. Most often, the website doesn’t have the look and function of a professional web designer either. It isn’t uncommon for us to receive a project completed for a client who spent thousands of dollars and received poor results. In the end, the client pays for two websites but only receives one.

2. Phone Calls/Meetings Get Brushed Away

Design requires communication between the client and designer to achieve a great end result. The second your web designer loses regular contact is the second you lose the project’s momentum. During the design phase of your website, your web designer should be in contact frequently. Demand and agree on a meeting time and day each week until your website is finished if the web designer doesn’t keep regular contact. Don’t wait for the designer to make the move, it is as much your project as it is theirs. If the brush-off continues, consider a move to another designer, because your designer should be as responsive as your web design.

3. The Art of the Question

The best way for a designer to get to know your business is through insightful questions. In order to determine what your goals and focus for your website a designer should spend time with you before they start working on your project. There really isn’t a red flag question, but rather the lack of or assumptions. A great designer will want to get to know you and your business. This will facilitate in design the expresses your identity and not just the that of the designer. Therefore, a designer should be asking you all sorts of questions. This helps them to know exactly what you want to get out of your website.
If a designer isn’t interested in you or your company, the design will most likely be shallow and flat. That extra something that makes a web design impactful will be missing. If you find your designer seems more interested in churning out the design without talking with you, it could be this designer isn’t at the caliper you need.

4. No clear cut strategy

A legit designer should have a method for delivering the work you have contracted for. Prior to any design any, your web designer should lay out a clear plan for execution. Help you produce wireframe layouts that will help map out each page of your website. Each step of the way through the process, you should be given the opportunity to approve the design, and especially before any development. Consider the process for building a house, there are details and phases to execute a successful build. If you aren’t clear about your layout for the bedrooms compared bathrooms. What if you completely forget closets? A plan to design with a clear outline of pages is a great sign that your designer understands the phases that help create great design. If your website isn’t going in a clear direction, chances are the end result may not be what you want.

5. Your web designer is related to you, or worse, it IS you

Who better to build your website than someone who knows the brand like the back of their hand. Someone like you, a family member, or close friend dabbling with web design. Right? Maybe not. Even the most proficient writers need an editor. It is the same in web design. The whole purpose of a web designer is to take your good idea and mold it into something great.
It is recommended to have a viewpoint beyond one that knows you abundantly well because it allows for more creativity and different approaches to deliver your design. Some times the best strategy is to take a step back and look at other ideas. Another possible downfall with hiring a family member or doing the website yourself is it becomes difficult to fire either one if things go wrong. Families feuds can begin easily with situations such as this. Your brand deserves to have a web designer who is dedicated to your success and not just doing you a favor.
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