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Your Brand

September 2016
your brand

Branding yourself is your first step to getting on top of the digital world. Ask yourself: Why does your brand exist? What does your brand do? What is your brand’s story? What kind of message are you trying to send to the audience? Your brand is your logo, your attitude, how you present your products, your business cards, and your website. Now you might be asking, how do you build a superior brand? Here are some tips to get you started.

What is branding?

To have a great brand, you have to know what branding is and how it works. A brand is anything that separates one thing from another. To create your brand, you choose a unique name and image for your product. The goal with branding is to establish a significant, and if possible, unique presence in the market that attracts and retains your audience.

Know your brand

Why does your brand exist? Your brand is your identity as a business. It is therefore important to identify the primary product, service, resource, special ability, etc. you have to offer others. What makes your product or service unique? Perhaps your business offers a unique solution or service that differs you from your competitors. This “edge” should be conveyed as part of your brand. If you aren’t clear about your business, brand our product, then neither will your audience. You have to know your brand before trying to explain or express it to others.

Know your specialties

What are you particularly gifted at delivering or creating? This is your specialty. A good way to start is to think of five key skills that you offer. What are your most important values as a business? Keep in mind that creating and building your unique brand is an ongoing process. Anticipate refining your specialties as your company expands and grows.

Network in your Industry

Networking is one of the best ways to become known in your industry. Social Media platforms can assist you in managing and staying connected with others in your industry. Add and follow people and businesses with the same interests as you to help build recognition amongst peers. By forming networking relationships with people in your audience, you can grow your business and your brand long-term. After all, word of mouth recommendations is always more valuable to a business.

Tone of voice

Consistency is critical in creating a brand. Think about the most successful companies you know. Chances are, you remember a logo, the product presentation, website, business cards are all “speaking” their brand. By communicating your brand to your customers with a consistent “tone of voice” makes your brand and your company memorable. It will make things seem familiar and reliable to the audience and creates an unspoken trust relationship. Consistency also helps your customers to have a consistent expectation and value of your product or service.
In short, branding is your business identity that goes with whatever medium you use, print, digital, radio or face to face. The more consistent your brand is, the more recognizable and trusted it will be in a customer’s eyes. Your brand should express your specialization, goals, and values of your company. More than anything, branding can be that little something that makes your business a successful business.

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