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7 Overlooked Website Elements That Can Bring You Massive Conversions

April 2020
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A well-designed website is not just pleasing to look at. It is a refined balance between aesthetic appeal and smart design aimed at increasing conversions. If you’ve done some basic research, you are probably familiar with the most obvious website elements that go a long way in making a great impression on visitors, thus boosting your chances of converting them into paying customers.

At Reversed Out Creative, an ad agency in Covington, KY, we believe in digging deeper than the surface. So, here are several website elements for higher conversions that are often overlooked.

Well-written value propositions

The copy of your website is more important than you realize, especially when it comes to material that talks directly about the product or service you offer. A value proposition tells potential customers what they would receive if they buy your product/service. 

Good content should be clear, concise, and smart. It must also clearly communicate the benefits your product offers and avoid hypes and superlatives.

Optimized page loading speed

Nobody wants to stay on a page that takes long to load. In fact, studies have shown that if your page takes more than 3 seconds to materialize, visitors are likely to leave.

Customer trust and confidence

A good website always manages to gain the trust and confidence of its visitors. Especially if your site requires online payment, for example, your customers should trust you enough to carry out personal transactions. 

Make sure to show all your certifications and credentials that prove your trustworthiness, such as an SSL certificate. Also, remember to be clear and upfront about your refund policies and leave a trail for customers to contact you if they have any questions.

Product image close-ups

It’s not just enough to upload images of your products on your site. You need to make sure that close-ups are available. What if potential customers want to see the stitching pattern? Or perhaps they wish to gauge the texture clearly? Image close-ups can give them what they are looking for, thus increasing the chances of them buying the product.

Familiar designs and language

While experimenting and being unique are encouraged, it’s also equally vital to know when to use common designs and language. For example, when it comes to website navigation, pull-down trays and other options are usually found on the top, and if these are somewhere else, it’s just plain confusing. Similarly, using standard phraseology at checkout pages, such as “Add to cart” and “Checkout,” is encouraged.

Social proof for earning the trust of potential customers

Social proof refers to customer testimonials, case studies, rating and reviews, media mentions, client/partner logos, celebrity endorsements, etc. It isn’t difficult to notice how such elements can boost conversions for your site. They add credibility, thus giving customers the peace of mind in doing business with you.

Educate your customers

Finally, make sure you have a way to educate your customers through quality content. This may include active social media pages, a blog, help sections, tutorials, or e-books, which can deliver useful, valuable insights about your products and how they can help.

Reversed Out Creative, a Covington KY ad agency, has years of experience designing high-converting websites. Contact us to know more!

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