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Proper Steps To Create A WordPress Website For A Dental Clinic

April 2022

Visitors are more likely to return to your dental business if your website is visually appealing. Even if your clinic is small and you rely on word of mouth, patients are likely to search for your business online. Creating a stunning website for dentists doesn’t have to break the bank, and we’ll show you how in this guide.

Choosing A Dental Clinic Website Template

Choosing a WordPress dental clinic website theme is the first step in constructing your WordPress site. To begin, you can choose between general healthcare or a dentist’s theme. To make a significant effect on the internet, we suggest that you select a specialist theme from our list of the finest dentist themes. A cross-browser-compatible, responsive WordPress theme is the best way to make sure that your website visitors see a beautiful site regardless of their device type and size.

benefits of custom website design

It’s even better to use a theme that includes a page builder like visual composer or Elementor page builder. It allows you to create new pages with greater freedom and control over the look and feel of your website. If you’re looking for a dental clinic WordPress theme, establish a list of all the features you need, and then look for a theme that supports a plugin that can help you get them all.

For instance, an appointment booking form if you wish to have online appointments, a full-width layout, a giant menu for your site, or any number of other options. When you have a clear picture of what you want your website to look like, picking a theme becomes easy.

Subscribing For Hosting And Domain Name

A domain name and web hosting can now be obtained in conjunction with the dental clinic website theme you’ve previously purchased.

In the same way that other website builders don’t charge a fixed monthly fee, WordPress does not. It’s free, but you’ll need to find a place to put your site on the internet.

  • Hosting 

Because of the fierce rivalry amongst web hosting firms, it is now easy to locate a host for your website that is both affordable and reliable. Your site can be hosted by finding the best options in your area. To host your website, we recommend Bluehost, which has the finest uptimes, top-notch customer service, and security.

  • Domain name

You can think of your domain name as essentially representing your online persona and location. Because of this, you should always take your time while picking a domain name.

Choosing A Domain Name Might Be Tricky, So Here Are Some Pointers:

  • Short and easy to remember
  • Make spelling mistakes a thing of the past
  • Do not use symbols or numbers
  • Use caution while selecting a domain name extension
  • Include the keywords if you can
  • Symbolize your company’s identity in a unique way

Bluehost is a great option for hosting your domain name, as we’ve said before. Search for the availability of two or three distinct domain names. For your dental clinic’s website, purchase the domain name.

benefits of wordpress

Installing WordPress for a Dental Clinic Website Theme Is A Simple Process.

Following purchase and download, you’ll be given access to all of the components that come with the template, including a parent theme and a subtheme. Our WordPress dashboard is now ready for theme installation, so let’s get to it! We need to go to the ‘Appearance’ area and click on ‘Themes’ in order to do so.

What we really want is for you to be taken to a page that lists all of the installed themes, but we’re not interested in that! Select the “Add New” option. By now you should have selected the “Dentario” zip package by selecting “Upload Theme” and then “Upload”. After you’ve installed the theme, WordPress will inform you which plugins are required.

This is critical since it will ensure that all of the template’s features perform as expected. Just select all of the plugins you need and click the “Install” button to begin the process of installing them. You’ll have to go through the same process again to activate them when they’ve been installed.

Content Of Your Website

Your website’s content is unquestionably king! 

What keeps your site’s users interested and motivated to take action is the variety of content you offer them on your site. Your website’s success is entirely contingent on how successfully you prepare and implement the content.

Material writers can be hired to develop a wide range of different types of content for you.

Mobile-Friendly Dental Clinic Website

Optimizing your website for the mobile platform will increase the number of visitors to your site. It is important to take notice of spacing, image sizes, and features that may not look good or perform properly on mobile devices. You don’t want to be in a situation where your dentist’s website development appears bad on a mobile device and causes customers to go to other, better-looking dentist websites.

Tips for Building a Dentist Website

  • Add Statistics

Even if the numbers are bad, people enjoy reading them. Add a few numbers on the homepage to show how many people have visited. Customer satisfaction, procedures, or anything else you think is significant can be included in these numbers.

  • Use Popups

Using popups for messages that you want the user to focus on is a good practice. Anything from a discount to an invitation for you to get in touch is possible.

  • Use Forms

Users can easily reach out to you by filling out forms on your website. Become their favorite dentist by making their life easy.

Having a website for your dental practice is a good idea. We’re not just referring to a pretty website that doesn’t actually do anything. It should be able to help with things like scheduling an appointment, finding a dentist, and looking at their work. All of these elements were incorporated into ‘Dentario’ by its designers. Just a few blocks are all you need to do to get there. A few tweaks are all that is needed before you’re ready to launch your website. If you’re seeking help with dental website development, you should consider contacting a WordPress development company in Cincinnati.


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