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SEO For Coworking Spaces | Learn Everything!

April 2022

When it comes to local SEO, Google has more than 5 billion searches a day, and 76% of individuals who look for local businesses on a smartphone visit a store or business within 24 hours. Furthermore, 97% of customers check for local businesses online, with 13% doing so on a daily basis.

Local SEO not only makes your coworking space more visible to individuals who are actively looking for one, but it also assists in educating potential members throughout the full process of looking for an office. Before they book a tour, prospective members are educated and guided through the purchasing process by your staff.

What Does SEO Stand for?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a free and natural way to improve your website’s visibility in search results. Increasing your website’s exposure to potential clients is easier if you have an effective SEO plan in place. Let’s begin with a basic query. What resources are available to help you locate a coworking space? Here’s how we’d go about it:

To find coworking spaces in Cinncinati, type “coworking spaces in Cinncinati” into Google.

  • Open the first three local businesses listed on the first page.
  • The first few organic search results may be visible to you.
  • Decide which venues are most appealing to you by comparing their websites, reading reviews, and checking prices.

What if your SEO for coworking space does not appear on the first page of search results? Our eyes would have missed you entirely.

Coworking space SEO is essential because of this.

SEO cost

SEO for Coworking Spaces | Where to Begin

Make a plan before you start making improvements to your space. Successful coworking spaces often begin with a strategy. This is known as keyword research in the local SEO world.

Researching Keywords

People searching for your coworking space use a variety of terms and phrases to do so. Aim to rank for these keywords and phrases and optimize your site around them.

Gathering Keywords

Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Ads are all great places to start when it comes to producing keyword suggestions. First things first: gather all of the keywords that your space’s site is already ranking for and convert them into members.

Google Search Console

Using Google Search Console, you can learn how their search engine crawls and ranks your site, as well as learn about any concerns they have with your site. This tool is free and supplied by Google.

You’ll see a list of all the terms your site ranks for in Google’s performance report, along with data like clicks, impressions, and click-through rate (CTR). The report may be downloaded once you’ve found it, and it will tell you which keywords to include in your SEO plan.

Google Analytics

To find out more about organic search, go to Google Analytics and select the Organic Search section. Using the data in this report, you can see which keywords are bringing in traffic and, more significantly, which ones are leading to tour reservations and the greatest conversion rates. All goals must be selected in the date period of the last 90 days before downloading the data.


Using Google Ads to advertise your coworking space, you can download a report of the keywords people are searching for. This report will show you all of the terms and phrases that your advertisements appeared for across all of your campaigns, as well as which of these terms brought visitors to your site that ultimately booked a tour.


In particular, for keyword research, Ahrefs is one of our go-to SEO tools. Your coworking space’s numerous services can be entered one at a time into the Keyword Explorer tool. Using the phrase match and terms reports, search for new keywords.

Choosing the Right Words

Once you’ve compiled a comprehensive list of keywords to focus on, it’s time to put those keywords to use. To do this, make sure to incorporate them into your site.

Organize Your Keywords in a Map

For each keyword, go through your list and see if there is an existing page that may be optimized for it or if you need to construct an entirely new page. It’s inevitable that when you go through your list of keywords, you’ll come across some that are similar. Creating a single page that would target a bunch of related keywords is ideal in these situations.

Existing Content

Revisit pages that you already have and edit the content to incorporate the keywords that you want to rank for. Title tags and meta descriptions should be revisited as you improve the page.

Pages that Have Been Created

You can add new pages to your content schedule so that they will be written and published throughout the following weeks and months. Ensure that the primary keyword you want to rank this page for appears in the URL, title tag, meta description, and H1 tag (your main header). Subheadings are a great place to include additional keywords that you want this page to rank for.

One word of caution: do not overuse keywords in your article. Remember, you’re writing for new members, not search engine crawlers, so the content should flow naturally.

Site Structure

In order to ensure that Google and other search engine bots can crawl your site and flow authority from low priority pages (such as your blog entries) to high priority pages, you must create a well-organized site structure (such as your service pages). Make sure your coworking space’s site structure is flexible so that you don’t get pigeonholed in the future, especially if you plan to develop your business outside of your local area.

We understand that you have a lot on your plate as a business owner or manager of a coworking space. With networking events, managing operations, and analyzing the numbers at your fingertips, you’re a jack of all trades.

Even if it’s not an easy task, SEO is here to assist you.

Here are some of the most fundamental and easy-to-implement SEO methods that you may start with, and you should take on what you can at a speed that works best for you. To stand ahead of the competition and to make your business grow, all you need to do is choose an SEO company in Cincinnati that offers the best SEO services.


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