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Best Review Apps For Shopify

May 2022
best review apps for Shopify

If you want to boost your sales and get more customer feedback about your product(s), then this article is for you! There is a great app called Shopify, which can assist you with both of these tasks at the same time. So, if this sounds beneficial to you, keep reading to learn about the best Review Apps For Shopify.

What Is A Product Review App?

A product review app helps you send a review appeal to customers that purchased a product from you and collects this information. You may be wondering though, why are these reviews collected? These reviews are collected so that you get an idea of how your business is performing. The reviews you receive can be both positive or negative. This feedback can help you make improvements and will also help other customers choose the correct product for them.

There are numerous apps that ask the customer to post a picture of their product review and can even make a video and send it, and the customer gets a special discount for the next purchase by doing so. If the customer gets to know your product and continues to purchase from you, then your sales will increase. First-time customers coming to your website will also get help while selecting a product when they see your reviews.

How Can You Add Reviews On Shopify?

If you want to learn about the best review apps for Shopify, you must first learn how to add reviews. If you visit Shopify and then click on the particular store where you want to make a purchase, just go to the store’s admin page to post your first product review. These are the following steps that you should follow to make the process easier for you:

  • Visit the Shopify store, find the ‘Apps’ option, and click it.
  • To find the ‘product review apps,’ click on the ‘Shopify app store.’
  • The list of apps will be in front of you, so now you can add a product review on the product page or the collection pages.
  • Finally, all customers can leave product reviews here.

Is It Important That A Product Has Reviews?

If you go to a store, it takes time for you to understand the store and it’s products, but the task can be a lot easier for you if there are product reviews from actual users. Good reviews about a product make customers confident to buy the product and that is why feedback from customers is a prominent factor that influences customers. If the feedback is negative about a product, then as a seller, you should think about what you want to do with the product. You can either eliminate it or upgrade it to meet your customers’ requirements.

Product reviews help you increase sales as the customer has more faith in buying a product if they see that it has positive responses. It creates trust among customers and the conversion rate surges.

Factors To Consider Before Installing A Review App

There are some factors that you should keep in mind before selecting the best review apps for Shopify and installing a product review app for your Shopify store. These are as follows:

  • The app should be simple and does not require much technical knowledge.
  • Online merchants should be allowed to customize their features at the Shopify review app.
  • Integration with other apps should be allowed and special incentives to loyal customers should be provided.

Now, let us discuss the review apps for Shopify that will help you escalate your sales. 

 Best Review Apps For Shopify

There are numerous product reviews app on Shopify but we will discuss the best among them:

Ali Reviews

Ali reviews provides you with a separate window for customers to review the product reviews easily. Ali reviews help Shopify sellers by gathering all of the reviews and then posts them on the app. This helps escalate your conversion rate with its unique features.

Some of the exceptional features of this review app are:

  • If you aren’t a tech-savvy person, then this review app is made for you, as no coding skills are required to install the app on the website. 
  • With the help of CVS upload, you can add manual requests.
  • With the cart page widget and the carousel widget, the possibility of purchasing surges.
  • To get instant reviews, a QR code is generated.
  • Automated review requests are sent via e-mails and social media will surge the review of the product.

Pricing Plans

There are four pricing plans for online sellers:

  • Free

There is a free plan option at Ali reviews where you get five reviews for a product. There is 24/7 assistance available to you with this free plan.

  • Starter- $9.90 monthly

With all the features of the free plan available in this widget, customization is also added. There are some other additions such as, review pop-up, SEO snippet, and review importer. This plan includes 200 orders per month.

  • Essential- $19.90 monthly

In this essential plan, all kinds of review collectors and customization options are available. This plan includes 500 orders per month plus edits, moves, copy, and bulk reviews. 

  • Premium- $49.90

All the features of the essential plan are included in this premium plan plus, it helps business owners make a customized review section along with A/B widget testing, migration support, and a custom success manager.

Product Reviews

The Product Review app is a theme-friendly app in the Shopify app store. You can edit your designs and texts, and add colors without any special skills as a business entrepreneur. 

Hide, Manage, Filter, and Publish are easy tasks performed in bulk when using Product Reviews. In addition, you can transfer your reviews to a spreadsheet with this app. Product Reviews is one of the best review apps for Shopify.

Some of the exceptional features of this review app are:

  • Shopify sellers can rank on search results pages, as this is an SEO-friendly review app.
  • There are multiple themes in this review app and you can select a theme according to your Shopify store.
  • With the Product Review app, CSV export and import are not challenging tasks.

Pricing Plans

This app is absolutely free for Shopify merchants with all the features in Shopify’s store.

Loox Product Reviews And Photos

The Loox Product Review app has a feature where you can add photos and reviews as well as great widgets like the grid, popup, cart page, carousel and list.

Some of the exceptional features of this review app are:

  • With the help of SEO techniques, traffic to your Shopify online store can surge.
  • Review request reminders can be sent to your existing customers and a special discount is offered for adding photos and videos to the reviews.
  • For Return on Investment(ROI), social media and google shopping integration is helpful.
  • In the product section, there is a display section that is captivating and has attractive lists, grids, sidebars, and carousels.
  • Highlighted reviews can be displayed in the featured snippet and reviews can be shared between the same products.
  • For lookalike campaigns, Facebook pixels are created, and from various sources, reviews can be imported.

Pricing Plans

There are three plans that Loox Product Reviews and Photos has to offer:

  • Beginner- $9.99 monthly

This plan includes 100 monthly review requests and emails. To boost your ranking, you can have up to 500 processed orders.

  • Growth- $34.99 monthly

With this plan, 300-6,000 monthly reviews can be sent with up to 300 e-mails. Along with this, there are some widgets for Shopify sellers that include – complete customization, video reviews option, and Google shopping.

  • Unlimited- $299.99 monthly

For Shopify merchants who want to add some personal touch to their review app, this plan is perfect. This plan also includes unlimited referral and unlimited review requests.

TargetBay Product Review

TargetBay Product Review is one of the best review apps for Shopify and allows you to send e-mail requests along with coupons. With this review app, all the photos from your customers are collected and displayed in Google search and Google shopping.

Pictures are displayed on the product review page and Instagram accounts are connected along with it. In addition, easy automation of product reviews and e-mail reviews collected from customers is available at the Shopify store.

Some of the exceptional features of this review app are:

  • In-line HTML visibility of your website can be enhanced in the search engine.
  • A loyal customer base for online stores can be built in the trust badges.
  • Reviews are exported and coupons are sent to customers that add reviews for your products.
  • Forums are added and question and answer building is not a difficult task.
  • Customers can ask questions about your product in the questions and answers module. This feature helps online business merchants enhance their brand awareness.

Pricing Plans

There are four plans that TargetBay Product Review offers:

  • Lite Plan

This is a free-of-cost plan and it includes 30 review requests that can be sent. Site reviews, product reviews, and reviews from inside can be added to your emails.

  • Growth Plan- $49 monthly

In the growth plan, up to 50 review requests, coupons, and also question-answer modules are sent.

  • Professional Plan- $99 monthly

Up to 150 review requests and e-mails can be sent in the professional plan along with Facebook and Google integration. and Loyalty Lion are available to you as customer loyalty platforms.

  • Premium Plan- $199 monthly

With the premium plan, you can send up to 500 review request emails. Recommended products and coupon reminders via e-mails are sent in the premium plan.

Rivyo Product Reviews

Amazon and AliExpress online business shopper reviews can be imported by all online business merchants with the help of Rivyo Product Reviews.

Email request tracking and status checks can also be done when using Rivyo Product Reviews. The email request is sent, opened, delivered, and clicked. Pre-sale questions are asked by customers with the aid of the Rivyo app and real-time reports on the dashboard are also asked.

Some of the exceptional features of this review app are:

  • Average product ratings are displayed.
  • Questions are asked about your products and feedback is taken from customers.
  • SEO-rich widget in the Rivyo app helps with ranking.
  • If you have a product that has not been reviewed, then you can hide it with a label.
  • The app has rich flexibility, font sizes, button style, and text color changes.

Pricing Plans

There are four plans to choose from when using Rivyo Product Review:

  • Indie

This is a free plan that includes 50 review emails per month to customers. With this plan, 100 reviews from Amazon and AliExpress can be imported. The importation of your reviews can really help increase the ranking of your website.

  • Starter- $5.99 monthly

You can send up to 500 monthly review emails and 1000 reviews with the CSV can be imported.

All the features of the Indie plan are included in this plan.

  • Business- $10.99 monthly

You can send up to 1,000 review request emails in this plan and 2,000 reviews by CSV from Amazon and AliExpress are imported. Google Shopping and Coupon codes are some more features added to this plan.

  • Enterprise- $15.99 monthly

With the Enterprise plan, there are unlimited review request emails, CSV reviews are imported, and Amazon and Aliexpress reviews are imported.




These are the five best review apps for Shopify. Each review app has its plans, features, e-mail review requests, and a lot more to offer. You can choose the plan that is budget-friendly, as it includes some free apps that are good for beginners and then you can add paid plans as you go. The most expensive plans include access to unlimited reviews and the free plans include limited reviews, so it all depends upon how your business is and how many customers you have. Remember, reviews add sales to your business and help with overall growth.

If your business is looking for help with collecting reviews for Shopify, consider contacting us at Reversed Out Creative.


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