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List of the Best SEO Tools for Small Businesses

May 2022
The best SEO tools for small businesses

Proper tools are required for a smooth-functioning business as well it’s website. With so much work, it is impossible to complete it all without the best tools.

Content marketing is vital to your business. A proper strategy with the best tools allows you to effectively conduct keyword research, track your rankings, identify technical problems, and examine your competitors.

There are numerous options and without knowing them all, your search may result in an overwhelming amount of tools due to unending options. So, the next question is, how do you find the best tool for your website? 

This article will assist you in finding the best SEO tools for small businesses. Let’s get started! 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free website analytical tool. This tool assists you in examining which marketing strategy can drive the maximum audience, which marketing scheme can allow you to get more sales and traffic, how the audience can reach your website, what content your targeted audience prefers, and a lot more.

Measurement is vital to getting results, and Google Analytics helps you measure lots of data and also assists you in identifying which tactics are working and which are of no use.

Essential metrics that are provided by Google Analytics:

Acquisition Metrics: With this metric, you can figure out how many users have visited your website and look at their reviews.

Behavior Metrics: This metric tells you how users have interacted with your website.

For Instance:

  • Pages Viewed Per Session
  • Bounce Rate
  • Page Views
  • Content on site

Audience metrics: The audience metrics provide you with abundant information about your users.

  • Location of the visitor
  • Interest of audience
  • Devices
  • Visitor demographics

Screaming Frog

Screaming frog is a free SEO analysis tool that helps you organize a technical SEO audit of your website. Once the installation of the tool is complete, you just have to enter the domain name of your website and click on the start option.

This tool has gained popularity amongst in-house teams and agencies all over the world. While using the free version, you can crawl up to 500 pages. After just a few seconds you can view a comprehensive report of all of your web pages. It saves a lot of time as performing a manual audit is very time-consuming, and easily helps you find errors.

Rank Ranger

This is one of the powerful SEO analysis tools that helps track the ranking of keywords. This tool tracks the organic ranking of your website over time across all search engines. 

Additionally, you can check your local rankings in the map results. Since Rank Ranger tracks your website ranking, you are able to ask yourself important questions such as; Is my website showing an upwards or downward trend? After identifying, you can easily plan your future strategies.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console, previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, is free and one of the best SEO tools Google has to offer. After setting up your account, alerts will be sent to you by Google and you can view key stats about your website. These stats include: how many clicks there are for a word, keyword rankings, click-through rate, and how many times Google showed your website on search engine results when a particular keyword is used.

In addition to this, analytics can be linked to Google console to get more free tools in your analytics account. You can track all the below-given points with Google Search Console:

  • Internal links
  • Keywords that are trending
  • Ranking of keywords
  • Performance at page-level
  • External backlinks
  • Count on impressions
  • Technical issues
  • Indexed pages by Google


A wonderful tool that can solve all of your SEO issues under one roof, but comes with a price. For the Ahrefs tool, you have to pay $99 per month. It is beneficial for you to pay such a hefty amount if you are heavy on off-page SEO and building links, as it is the largest hub of link databases.

There are multiple features that Ahrefs includes. Some of them are auditing sites, tracking keywords, tracker for searching ads, and content explorer. If you are willing to buy a paid tool, then this is the best SEO tool for a small business.


This is a tool that helps you view your competitors’ performance with SEO as well as ads at Google. With the help of these tools, you can easily figure out how long your competitors’ ads are running and the keywords that are used in them. In addition, you can see the amount your competitors are paying monthly on their campaign. 

This tool helps in analyzing :

  • The pages that are generating SEO traffic
  • SEO trends
  • The internal and external links used by competitors
  • The keywords that result in organic Google rankings
  • Can see competitors’ data used for ads
  • The ads that are performing best
  • Best keywords

This is the best and highly recommended tool for small businesses that are managing SEO and Google Ads campaigns.


MOZ is a popular SEO tool that is used mostly for time-saving, as it is a complete software package. The domain authority metric gained popularity in the MOZ tool. Domain authority helps analyze the popularity of your website and it’s ranking. 

MOZ bar extension allows you to quickly view your domain authority, page authority, information related to backlinks, and your spam score. MOZ local’s biggest feature is the map ranking. This feature is also available with Rank Ranger. 

No tool can provide a one hundred percent accurate data regarding the backlinks used by competitors or other related information of competitors, so use numerous for a deeper study. This tool comes with powerful monitoring and reporting features, so this is one of the best SEO tools for small businesses. 


Among so many tools, one of the best is SEMrush. This is a complete software package where numerous things are done.

There so many tasks that can be done using SEMrush, so we cannot discuss them all, but here is a quick view of some of them:

  • Keyword research
  • On-page SEO audit
  • Research of competitors
  • Analysis of backlinks
  • Information about competitors’ running ads
  • Competitor marketing strategies
  • Organic traffic 

The backlink audit feature is one of the best features given by the SEMrush tool and is a quick option for analyzing your backlinks via search console. 


BrightLocal is an SEO tool that assists in lead generation and local search optimization.

By using this tool, you can easily trace your ratings at local searches, check your reviews, and figure out some new opportunities in your search results. 


WhiteSpark is a citation tool. So, what is a citation? Citation means you can easily list your business contact info and it’s name. Citation is necessary for ranking at the top on Google’s local “map” results. The next question is, how do you detect citations?

WhiteSpark helps find citations using their tool called Citation Finder. This tool is provided and allows you to add priority keywords. After adding the information about your business, the tool will initiate its work within a few minutes. The tool will give you a list of citation opportunities that your competitor is benefiting from. 

WhiteSpark provides an option to make a payment for setting up the citations and helps save time. 

SEO Quake

SEO Quake is one of the best SEO tools for a small business that comes in the form of a browser plugin. This is a very simple and fast reference tool for accessing your website, and the competition.

The SEO metrics are quick and simple for single pages or complete SEO audit activities that quickly figure out the quality of both off-page and on-page SEO. 


This is a formula that is used in Google Spreadsheets, and it is not a tool. ImportXML is simple and quick, and is able to be used in spreadsheets. This tool is helpful for businesses that are working to organize their SEO web page data. 

XML, CSV, HTML, and RSS Feed are the various sources from which you can import any sort of data into the Google sheet. For instance, for reviewing and editing documents, you can pull the meta description, headers of the webpage, and the current title tags. 

Agency Analytics

AgencyAnalytics is a reporting platform that offers automatic reporting, a clear interface to examine the performance of multiple services, and customers’ visible dashboards. 

This is one of the best tools for small businesses, and we highly recommend using this tool for timely monthly reports, and reviewing the performance of clients. The AgencyAnalytics tool assists in reviewing and reporting metrics for Google Search Console, Facebook, LinkedIn, and much more. 

To Conclude

With so many tools to choose from, we provided some of the best SEO tools for small businesses that help make the complete work for a website easier, faster, and better than the rivals. We highly recommend using multiple tools, as there is no single tool that can provide you with a complete picture of you and your rivals’ websites.

So, are you are still wondering which tool is best for you? Fee free to contact us for guidance.


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