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The Best Email Marketing Tools You Must Try!

May 2022
The best e-mail marketing tools you must try!

Email marketing remains as one of the most lucrative methods to get your message around. In today’s world, multichannel marketing campaigns are the backbone of businesses. Still, email continues to remain the essence of any direct marketing strategy. It is wise to never undervalue email’s influence and effect. According to statistics collected for email marketing tools, there are 4 billion email users. This number exemplifies almost half the world’s inhabitants. If you are wondering, 64% of industries use email to reach clients, which is a more effective rate than for any other digital channel.

How Do We Define An Email Marketing Software Program?

Email marketing software efficiently takes care of your contact lists and helps you plot and write influential emails delivering the required message. It also helps you track whether the emails were opened and read. The best part is that such a tool doesn’t cost much to start moving, nor is it a difficult job to start with. Many of the software programs have reasonable packages for beginners, and some of them also offer services for new clients to make it easier for you to get ahead in the race. 

Some business owners may select this tool as a smart marketing way to get emails to their subscribing users. While other businesses want to tie their emails to their product or service, and sales engines, so they can deliver distinct offers and deals to receivers. Each way of using these tools requires different gears for managing the email and sending it to recipients. These tools can also help you approach your subscribers using demographics. Also, you can make use of them with other departments of your business such as, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and inventory systems.

If you want to grow your business steadily, email software is one of the most easy, affordable, and effective ways to follow leads and convert potential leads into buyers for your products and/or services. There is more than 500+ email marketing software programs to choose from. All you need to do is search in Google and find the name of the best email marketing tool to make things simple and easy. In this article, we are going to look over five of the best tools for you to choose from so that you can strategize your drive and get maximum output from them.

Popular Email Marketing Tools


Having over 150,000 customers, it’s not surprising that ActiveCampaign comes up as one of the most liked email marketing software. It has received it’s reputation for the effective solution it provides to all types of businesses across the world. ActiveCampaign provides advanced features like conditional content, geo-tracking, deliverability, and multi-user editing. It also supports machine learning and predictive tools, enabling the user to work smartly and generate high ROI. Revolutionary visual marketing automation makes ActiveCampaign remarkably spontaneous.

This software comes with an inbuilt CRM system so it can effectively manage sales and live chat, along with excellent bulk emailing advantage. ActiveCampaign is quite affordable and reasonably priced given it’s many features it offers to users. 

What are the features of ActiveCampaign?

  •       Segmentation and dynamic text make it easy to tailor the information to be sent to the right people.
  •       Tailors the emails based on the contact list.
  •       A/B testing to know what are the best-converting types of content.
  •       Users can do split testing to make their emails get more opens, clicks, and   conversions.
  •       In-built landing page creator.
  •       Segmentation
  •       SMS and Site messaging


Hubspot is also one of the most prevalent software for email marketing. This email servicing method is free for anyone to start with and comes with a lot of powerful features that are designed to help you in the growth of your business. You can use a drag and drop feature for email creation and can select the models to tailor the content of email according to your brand personality. 

This software has an inborn integration method that helps you personalize the email according to device type, the country where your contacts belong, membership option, or any such custom types that might help you better your chance of a conversion. By using HubSpot software as the backbone of your sales and marketing strategy, you can aim for high revenue and conversion rate.  

What are the features of HubSpot? 

  •       A/B testing to generate the best email messaging content.
  •       Built according to the CRM platform of the tool.
  •       A drag-and-drop template editor.


The email marketing software Autopilot is all about making the whole process of bulk emailing simple and easy to use. It is recognized for offering the best-designed work for creating a mechanized arrangement that allows you to focus on the successful journey of your users. In the past, people were concerned about sending bulk emails and thoughtlessly sharing weekly or bi-weekly newsletters with their patrons. But in today’s digital world, things are different. It is essential for business owners to make use of email marketing tools more thoughtfully.  

Sending the correct and applicable message to the right lead, at the right time, is done with the smart Autopilot software. If done incorrectly, email automation can become so mismanaged and confusing. But with Autopilot, this problem is no more. This software allows you to annotate your automation sequence with various things like emojis, stickers, etc., which allows you to collaborate on your customized campaign.  

What are the features of Autopilot?

  •       Website Tracking
  •       Automation Annotation
  •       Customer Journey Mapping
  •       Lead Scoring & Nurturing
  •       Multi-Channel Marketing
  •       Email A/B Split Testing


Are you on a tight budget and want to buy bulk email sending software? Look no further and go for MailerLite. With the help of this software, you will be able to comfortably send up to 12,000 emails in a month on their free plan. If you like the way it works and the way it handles your requirements, you can further add a little amount and you will be able to send more emails from your database. 

MailerLite is a universally excellent tool no matter which industry you belong to. Whether you are a growing startup or a massive corporation, it can easily handle your database and will effectively serve it’s purpose. MailerLite offers you everything you need to send bulk emails for your upcoming event or for any other campaign. If you are looking for built-in CRM and advanced segmentation for personal projects or a simple email campaign, MailerLite is an ideal and affordable choice.

What are the features of MailerLite?

  •       Drag & Drop Editor
  •       Email Automation Builder
  •       Website Builder
  •       10 Landing Pages
  •       Sign-Up Forms & Pop-Ups


Drip is a controlling and effective email marketing software for all types of business owners, and many such industries where sending bulk email is an essential part of their marketing strategy. This emailing software has tools like automation, sales funnels, and personalization to make things customer-friendly. It includes easy integration with platforms like WordPress and WooCommerce. This results in capturing more leads from your website. 

What makes Drip so special is the intelligent segmentation feature, split testing methods, and visual drag and drop ability. This makes the work easy for your team to send more accurate and personalized messages that can help with conversion. One can use this software to send bulk mail while effectively connecting and engaging with clients on a personal level. This attribution feature shows how much revenue one can generate in any campaign using Drip.

What are the features of Drip?

  •       Personalized emails
  •       Communicate with your customers from email, to SMS, to social, and everywhere else.
  •       Collect data from the website
  •       SMS automation
  •       Segmentation
  •       Reporting


What Is the Function of an Email Marketing Tool?

Email marketing platforms should essentially make things easier for you. They should automate your email and marketing campaigns and help you create engaging content based on your customers’ individual preferences. The essential features you must look for in your email marketing software are:

  •       User-friendly interface
  •       Segmentation
  •       Personalization feature
  •       Automation
  •       Testing
  •       Reporting and analytic capabilities



This article will definitely provide you with good insight so that you can choose your email marketing tool and further analyze what features all of them provide. Typically, the marketing plans you choose from can be monthly or annually, and you can make your decision based on your requirements and the type of business you run. 

The monthly option is typically based on the pay-as-you-go method, which means no fixed contract and it can be cancelled anytime. It’s advised that you test the new platform before opting for the annual plan. Demos can help buy trials on live data anytime is better, as it helps you get a clear picture and see the results yourself. By doing so, you can identify any issue before getting locked into a year-long commitment. Your decision should clearly be based on your database and also your budget for marketing emails. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at ReversedOut Creative.



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