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Customized Web Design vs. Web Templates

April 2016
Customized web design

When was the last time you were handed a business card? It doesn’t happen as often as it used to, instead, people tell you to check out their websites. Your website is your virtual business card. It’s a first impression, which is why you have to build it to represent your brand. This brings up the question, “Do I use a web template, or get a custom made design?” Not every business needs a custom website. For some, the right template will work perfectly with their content to bring in new customers and get the business going. Other companies have more content and greater function. The business goal of the site is attract new business, for them, customized designs are usually more suitable. What is a website template?

When you use a website template, you’re choosing from different layouts that have been pre-made. After you pick the one you like, you fill it with the content for your company. Since the layout is already there for you, it’s faster, easier, and cheaper to just drop the content in rather than starting from scratch like you would with a custom design. However, scalability is limited, meaning that not everything will take up the right amount of space. Templates are helpful if you’re not sure of how you want your website to look because they give you color and layout options, but it won’t give your website a unique factor because other companies could choose the same design. After all, there is a reason they are inexpensive and readily available on the web.

Is a custom web design right for my business?

With a customized web design, you pick your own layout and functionality to best represent your brand. This is a great idea for any business that wants to stand out. Your design will be as unique as the business you do. Customers recognize your layout and logo as part of your brand, custom web design can ensure this consistency. Additionally, custom web-design allows for creative branding, such as unique icons and images to create eye-catching design often limited by templates.
If you have a growing business looking for a new edge over your competitors, custom web design is ideal. But be prepared for a greater investment but also greater results. are so much. Plan your advertising budget to include your website and its content. This is an investment into your business and will take a time commitment and budget to execute this strategy. Your end result is an effective branded site that is professional and presents your business in the best light.

Your web design

It is best when planning to bring your business into the digital world, or taking it to the next level, to consider not only what your business needs today, but also what it will need 6 months or 2 years from now. If your goal is to just provide information to a small customer base with few to minimal changes in a year, a template may be best. However, if you are looking to have a dynamic site that brings customers in and will help you expand your business, customized sites are the better long term investment. Custom designed website allows for greater flexibility in the functionality, placement of content sections and allow for more plugins and widgets. Your site can evolve quickly as your company and your customers do.
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