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Five Signs Your Website is Outdated

December 2016
Five Signs Your Website is Outdated

1. You Rarely/Never Update Your Website

A couple years ago, you decided it was time for your company to open up and get a website made. Your site was extremely helpful in bringing new clients to you, and was always complimented on how easy it was to use. Now, years down the road, you’ve noticed a drop in customers and have been receiving more complaints than usual. Looking at your site, you notice things seem a little outdated and your site doesn’t respond on mobile. Chances are, these are the reasons you’re losing clients. It’s important to remember to always keep things up to date with your site. This includes everything from navigation and mobility, to content and working links. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your website, or if you have never completed an update, it’s probably time to take a look.

2. You Have a Poor Page Ranking

A page ranking is a way of measuring the importance of website pages according to search engines. So, if you find out that your ranking isn’t as high as it should be, it could be time to think about a redesign or update to improve your site. This will ultimately increase your rank and make your business competitive again. The easiest method to boost your ranking is through your content. For some, this means rewriting your content completely. However, every brand should be continuously creating relevant and valuable content to post regularly. This also helps with your ranking. Old content means old, boring website. New content means exciting and interesting information to customers and sales.

3. Your Website isn’t User Friendly

How many times have you left a website because the set up was annoying to use, or you couldn’t figure out how to use it at all? User experience design, or UX design, is the process of designing digital or physical products that are useful, easy, and delightful to interact with. It’s all about enhancing the experience that people have while interacting with your product, and making sure they find value in what you provide, all through your web design. Navigation is a huge part of UX design. If a user can’t figure out how to navigate your site, or just finds it difficult to do, they’ll most likely look elsewhere for their information. The easiest way to avoid this is to keep your design simple and updated.

4. Your Page Load Times are Slow

Research has proven that the number one reason a user will leave a site is because of slow loading times. It’s important to keep a regular check on how quickly your site is loading pages. Having an updated site helps eliminate the delays and keeps things more efficient for the user. Whereas an outdated site is slow and harder for the customer to use. Ten seconds is the average amount of time a customer will wait. By this point, they have noticed your delay, get impatient, and leave to find the content faster somewhere else.

5. No One is Visiting Your Outdated Site

Chances are, your website wasn’t cheap. So, why throw all your money into a great site if no one sees it? If you notice a drop in traffic or see that no one is visiting your site at all, it’s time to update. For some brands, this could mean simple updates such as navigation or links. But, depending on how outdated your site is, this could mean thinking up a whole new design. Redesigning or updating your website is supposed to wipe out all the outdated features, bringing in things like fresh, new content and better navigation. Users will be drawn to the new site, increasing your traffic.
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