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How to Take Full Advantage of Motion Graphics to Grow Your Business

April 2021
Using Motion Graphics to Grow Your Business

Today, competition in almost all industries is fierce. To stand out from the crowd, showcasing your brand and marketing strategy in a unique way to retain and attract customers is a must. With an interactive and user-centric user interface, there is only one conversion path possible – Motion Graphics. It’s what you need to make your product’s user experience and customer interaction extraordinary while increasing your business conversion.

With dynamic graphics, you can tell your brand story from the first second of user interaction and create contact points at any time.

Grow Your Business

Creating product UX and conversion in different ways was a trend at a point in time. With the development of innovatio1n, these trends disappeared. However, some trends now seem to continue for some time. In fact, there are many changes in UX trends, but motion graphics design is an effective strategy in both UX and marketing. It has nothing to do with the season or the retail industry.

When it comes to value trading, sports design is an effective strategy. The fireworks display can not only attract your attention to the product or content but also improve the UI and conversion of the product until people begin to understand its elegance.

According to Wikipedia, motion graphics are a fragment of digital video or animation. These videos or animations give people the illusion of moving, rotating, or playing the video. In short, motion design refers to the use of graphic design and visual effects principles to create animation and animation content. Currently, dynamic graphics are indispensable in any design toolbox. But, more importantly, they are effective tools for companies to develop user experience design processes and marketing strategies, which can really help you increase brand awareness, conversion rates, and customer loyalty.

Why should you use motion design as part of your business strategy?

Let us first look at the goals and benefits of motion design for any business. Animated graphics can be used for many different purposes, each of which is related to increasing the number of conversions and obtaining the correct brand positioning or product user experience. 

The following goal of dynamic graphic design may be the most effective:

  1. To attract users’ attention

It has been shown that adding an action design to the content can increase the possibility of displaying the article. There were 53 search results on the Google homepage. This means that in terms of motion graphics, you can boast that the audience’s attention is focused on the gold plate. And ignore the content you don’t want to highlight. Therefore, position your brand correctly.

  1. Creating memorable UX images

Studies have shown that people remember a moving design better than a 2D graphic. It is the easiest and most effective way to ensure that people keep information for a long time. According to education experts, a person’s short-term memory processes words and can only store about seven bits of information. The image is processed directly from our long-term memory, and the complete recorded part of the brain is intact. According to the experts, 90% of all information delivered to the brain is visual. The processing speed is 60,000 times faster than word processing. This is because our eyes can see 36,000 visual cues per hour. All this means is that even Mother Nature is making the target audience immediately pay attention to her content, exercise, and make your user experience more memorable. 

  1. Make the user interface more interactive and intuitive 

Going back to the statistics, it is worth noting that animated graphics are 135% more effective than other social media content and have a greater ability to attract viewers than images or blog posts. Create a more interactive, customer-centric, and intuitive user interface. Therefore, it is very important to implement dynamic graphics as a function rather than as the only design element, especially when it comes to the user interface of a mobile application.

How to correctly create motion graphics: Principles of Motion Design

So far, you know the reasons and goals of motion design, which is part of your marketing and product design work. Keep in mind the following points:

  1. Any good animated content should enhance the product’s UI and position the brand to follow the basic principles of using motion design. Such as Push and stretch, pose, bow, straight action, and, posture, slow deceleration, minor actions, etc.
  2. Of course, don’t miss the opportunity to realize certain trends in motion design, such as asymmetric design, decorative art, mid-century art style, the duo of tones and gradients, bright and delicate illustrations, and open combinations of isometric designs.
  3. Design animation content to guide the path from the buyer’s demand location to the product purchase destination.
  4. Animation content should fully meet the needs of the target audience and make it as accessible as possible. Just like being given the food they want, they can eat it immediately. No matter what content you are designing, comedy, business, events, educational materials, news, inspiring videos; video content should be value for money, and you should not waste time watching videos. 
  5. Deliver your content to the audience and the platforms they use on the go. In addition, the high-quality videos should be able to control the interaction of the target audience, no matter who they are.
  6. Marketing needs to convey the same information as video through any medium other than video. Whenever one of your marketing materials comes into contact with people, it should be able to express a consistent message about your product and brand, and all other materials should have the same skills. 
  7. The most popular tools are Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash, Maxon Cinema0 4D, Soft image’s ICE, and so on.

Let’s Think Big

Think about it, you can tell a simple story with two people in a room with a few accessories, but this may not fully explain the scope of your suggestions. Motion graphics videos are often used to explain advanced concepts such as big data and cloud analysis, or blockchain. You cannot view two people in the same room. You can hardly display it on the world map. Instead, you need to create a functional and practical video metaphor that does not have any shape or motion to show exactly how impressive your product is.

If your product or service operates at a very high scale (from micro to global or even larger), then motion graphics video may be your best choice.

The Benefits

  1. You can make the ad more visible. Fixed image ads can attract customers, but the use of animated graphics can attract more attention. This is due to the illusion of movement accompanied by music cues. 
  2. Motion graphics expand your marketing range. It is displayed on electronic billboards and street screens, but you can also view it online and on TV. 
  3. Animation graphics may be somewhat similar to videos, but animations can be created with a smaller file size than videos. This means that your page will load faster and the client will not get tired of waiting. The optimal page load speed of your website also helps your SEO. The maximum size of video ads is 100MB, and the maximum size of animated image ads is 5-10MB.
  4. You can easily create images that appeal to your target audience and make them use many of the company’s services or products.

Should I use dynamic graphics? 

When using motion graphics, consider the number of online people looking for videos on specific topics and products on sites such as YouTube. Motion graphics studios in Cincinnati are the most sought after and gaining more and more popular among businesses.

In fact, it is a very powerful tool when correctly using motion graphics in branding, product user interface design, and marketing.

Final Verdict

Motion Graphics can be directly used for your product design, advertising, social content, and other marketing content. With our experience in developing different types of designs, our design team is always happy to help you come up with the right UX design strategy to improve the look and feel of your product and increase its conversion rate.

When you have a complex product or service, it is difficult to simply explain it. This is where real-time video comes in. It helps explain how your product or service works, what features it provides, and what benefits customers can get from it.

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