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The Rise of Voice Search and Its Effect on Marketing Efforts

June 2020
Voice Search

In 2018, the global market for voice search devices increased to 187%, and that was just in quarter two. Major players such as Google, Apple, Xiaomi, and Amazon sold millions of units that year. It was estimated that in 2020, about 50% of all internet searchers would be voice-based, and 30% of them would be done on devices without a screen. Irrespective of how the voice search is done, the question was, would voice search have an impact on marketing strategies?

The rise of voice search technology

Voice search is a simple technology that allows its users to search the internet by verbally asking a question on a smart device, smartphone, or computer. It supersedes the traditional method of typing the query into a search box, which is answered by a search engine or digital assistance. 

‘Watson’ by IBM, a powerful voice recognition Q&A computer system, paved the way for voice technology devices throughout the world. It was followed by Google’s Voice Search, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon Echo powered by personal assistant Alexa and so on.

Voice search is a technological development that is shifting the boundaries of business where businesses taking up on the challenge in an attempt to take advantage of the opportunities are bound to win. Reversed Out, an ad agency in Covington, KY, points out that effective strategies and tactics to improve voice search would help companies to get a lead in the competitive world.

Does voice search impact marketing efforts?

If you look at your marketing efforts as a preparation for a competition that you must win, then voice search is essential as a part of your strategy to win. Voice search can affect your marketing efforts with the following:

-The change in the semantics of search

Voice search and SEO have a strong connection that can either make or break a company’s content marketing strategies. They are more likely to be an effective part of marketing strategies as they are more conversational. As they prioritize the semantics of search queries, they can affect the digital marketing landscape. Thus, forcing marketers to reevaluate the SEO keywords used in their content, as well as their overall marketing strategy.

-The growth of a mobile-friendly environment

Desktop and laptops are not the only devices that people use to search on the internet. More and more people are turning towards mobile phones that are considered to be more convenient. Hands-free capabilities of mobile phones encourage people to utilize voice search, and to ensure that businesses are a result of the search, they must optimize their content to be mobile friendly as well. Did you know that about 70% of audiences are more likely to buy from a business that has a mobile-friendly website?

Larger emphasis on local SEO

Most people who use voice search use it to look up local businesses or places in their area, such as the closest gas station, best boutique, nearest salon, and so on. It is an opportunity for local businesses to take advantage and build a voice search SEO strategy that in turn can optimize their marketing strategies.

Experts at Reversed Out, a Covington, KY ad agency say that voice search is becoming mainstream, and an optimized voice search SEO can help marketers immensely. Every business must voice search optimization, or else it is just an opportunity lost.

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