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7 Reasons why the logo is a blessing for your business | Importance of Logo

May 2021
importance of logo

You must have realized many times that you’re able to instantly recognize a brand by simply looking at its logo. The logo is a concise and efficient way of communicating with your customers. It delivers an impactful message with a strong visual identity. A professionally designed logo helps you convey your brand’s identity to the customers. Nowadays organizations are more inclined to communicate with the audience on an emotional and personal level and it can be achieved by creating a meaningful logo design that represents what a brand stands for, showcasing its core values. The importance of logo in a business is clearly evident as a brand communicates the right message within seconds introducing trust in its customers. 

It is the most important branding investment a business can make and impacts significantly on public perception. So, a brand must leverage the influence of its logo design. It leaves a strong subconscious impact on the customer’s mind.

Branding and its importance

Branding is creating a unique name and attribute to a company through various marketing, advertising, and promotional activities. The main purpose of branding is to establish a presence and unique identity of a company. Branding plays an important role in maintaining customer loyalty and retention.

Brands consistently try to highlight their name and identity in bold letters so that it does not fade away from their customer’s minds. Branding adds an enhanced value to the products and develops loyalty among the customers.

And the importance of a logo in branding is undisputed. So it is very important for a logo to align with the brand’s vision.

Importance of a logo in branding

A logo is the pictorial image of a brand. It is the most eminent element for an organization to build a trustworthy relationship with its target audience. A perfect logo is memorable, conveys the brand message perfectly, and is most effective in building a worthy brand association. A logo must include both conceptual and visual values and must reflect the concept and values of the brand. It must comprise the custom attributes and features of the nature of the brand.

Why a professional logo is so important?

A logo is the face of a company.  It is the first thing that a prospective customer notices about your business. Hence it is much more than just an image. it is an important foundation for the branding of a company. A well-designed professional logo is the easiest way to convey to communicate to your potential customers, through brand recognition.

People recognize a brand at a glance of its logo, and the more they see it, the more the brand will be remembered as the “go-to” option for your particular product or service.

Here we have listed 7 factors about the importance of a logo in a  business:

Logo grabs attention and invites new customers

A logo is the most powerful tool to quickly grab customers’ attention and communicate the company’s core values to potential customers. If you have a solid logo to speak for your company, it can work perfectly to your advantage.

Customers are always attracted to interesting and eye-catching logo designs. So the logo of a company should be designed professionally to draw the interest of your potential customers, prompting them to purchase your products.

The logo makes a robust first impression

A company’s logo is its first inception to consumers. A well-designed logo captures the interest of the customer, inviting them to learn more about the company.

The logo introduces a company as an authority in the professional space. By this first impression is you can immediately and easily communicate ownership of your product or the niche you dominate.

Logo fosters brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is the most important aspect which every business needs to foster. A familiar logo goes a long way toward building brand faithfulness and loyalty. As the brand grows, the logo becomes more familiar to a wide range of customers and consumers. This familiarity creates a sense of accessibility and trust.

In other words, you can say that trust is built on a well-designed logo, and brand loyalty follows. Once your customers like and trust you, they are going to seek you out again and again. They will seek your logo first. 

The logo is the foundation of brand identity

Successful branding is all about telling a story that will influence the customers’ emotions. And logo design of a brand serves as the foundation for the entire narrative on which the brand is built. The colors, tones, and fonts of a logo determine the story of the brand, creating a concrete, marketable brand identity.  

Imprinted on your products, website, and business card, the importance of a logo communicates the ownership. It informs the potential customers who you are, and what type of product or service you sell.

Logo distinguishes you from your  competition 

A well-designed logo communicates everything about the company, through the right icon. It conveys your values to the customers and shows how you stand apart from your competitors.

A good logo should reflect who you are, and it should also distinguish you from everybody else. So try to be different with your logo, showing why your business is unique and different from other competitors in the market.

It’s memorable

Every company wants its potential customers to instantly connect the sight of its logo with the memory of what your company does. Customers usually recognize brands just by a glance at their logo.

Hence, the logo is a point of identification. It is the icon that customers use to identify your brand. A good logo is the most aesthetically pleasing element for a business, which triggers a customer to recall your brand or company name.

Your customers look for it

A logo is the first thing that customers look for when they see any communication from your brand. So, it should be the focus of all the marketing activities of your business.

If you don’t have a logo that stands out, you are missing a big opportunity to mark your presence in the mind of your customer.

Placing a logo on all marketing activities, packaging, products, social media, website, etc. is the perfect way to advertise a brand. When you develop your brand message and successfully tie it to your logo, everything you do directly get associated with the logo and the brand.

Factors to Consider while designing a logo

The importance of a logo in business is evident as it is an integral part to make your brand a success. 

A good logo makes a great first impression. It must be simple enough to work across multiple media and distinctive enough to be easily recognized. It should be effective and should make an impact both in color and in black and white.

And for this, the importance of logo details is tremendously necessary. Specific attention must be paid to each and every element of the logo, whether it’s font color, shape, or font style. All these elements convey a strong message about your brand. For example, a wedding planning agency must use fancy vibrant fonts for its logo.

So, all colors, shapes, images, and fonts of your business logo must be accurate with the idea that is to be communicated to your customers and consumers. Hence, it is very significant that your logo conveys the correct message about your business.

Properties and importance of a logo design


To make a logo memorable and communicable, declutter your logo design and just keep its design simple and elegant as per your brand tone. Unnecessary use of colors in your logo makes it difficult to convey one strong message.

However, multicolored brand logos of few brands like Google, and Microsoft, reflect the versatility and multiple ranges of services offered by these companies.

Use of various colors

While designing a logo, the importance of a logo color must be taken care of. It is very important to choose colors wisely and carefully, as different colors depict different messages. For example, red denotes passion, aggression, energy, and warmth. So a lot of food and sports companies like McDonald’s and ESPN, incorporate red color in their logo design. Facebook, Twitter, Dell use the blue color in their logo, representing a corporate identity, and professionalism. Companies like Apple and Nike use the black collar in their logo to attract youth and high-end audiences. Green color, used by companies like Subway and Animal planet symbolizes health, nature, and mother earth. 

Use of various shapes in logos

Different shapes play a vital role in the importance of logo design. Edged-shaped logos including a square or triangular shape represents efficiency, professionalism, firmness, stability, and strength of the brand. A circular shaped logo represents continuity, community, relationship, endurance, and stability. Rings present in a logo advocate love, connection, and games. A triangular logo design counsels continuity, logic, balance, power, masculinity, and science.

Use of Negative Spaces

The background space in a logo should be employed to express a meaningful brand image and increase the importance of the logo in the business. A blank space message can work strongly for your logo by illustrating your brand name in different styles and fonts. Very simple logo designs can also have strong messages through their background space.

Is changing the business logo a good idea?

You must have noticed that the most well-recognized companies such as Microsoft and Coca-Cola continue to refresh and recreate their brand to keep up with modern styles and ideas.

Rebranding is always better to give your logo a new life and is often found to be very effective. You can launch a completely new design or can also keep some aspects of your existing design so that it is still recognizable. It brings a new life to your company profile and a fresh new platform of professionalism.

So companies redesign their logo, perhaps to update their look or reflect some other corporate change. But customers generally hate it. When a customer is accustomed to a brands’ logo and he feels a little betrayed when he finds a logo changed. As now he has to retrain his brain to look for something new. 

Closing words

The importance of a logo in building a successful business and a distinct brand is well recognized across the globe. A big brand with the right logo reflects the brand’s vision and concept. So, a logo should have the right balance of colors and shapes to empower branding.

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