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LinkedIn Profiles Can Now Display Career Breaks

March 2022
LinkedIn Profiles Can Now Display Career Breaks

If you have a LinkedIn profile, you may now put a greater emphasis on career breaks and the skills and experiences you obtained while not working. It was revealed in a LinkedIn marketing release that this new tool was created in response to requests from users who wanted a way to emphasize the benefits of taking career pauses. People’s life experiences and abilities gained while on a sabbatical may be a good match for available positions. 

Candidates and recruiters in LinkedIn marketing can talk openly about their time away from the typical job using this tool. It’s now possible to specify whether a period of time off was taken for a gap year, layoff, full-time parenting, bereavement, caring for a loved one, or any other cause. 

What Is a Career Break?

If you’re looking for some time off from work, a career break is exactly what you’re after. When an employer agrees to allow you to take unpaid leave before returning to work in the future, it is called a sabbatical. 

It is more accurate to say that you take a break from work to pursue hobbies or interests outside of work. When you’re ready, you’ll rejoin the workforce, but you’ll almost certainly find a new dream job with a different company. 

For example, if you wish to travel or take care of your family, you may take a professional hiatus. After losing your job, you may find yourself on a career hiatus. You may not have chosen this path, but the talents and experiences you’ve obtained outside of paid work might be useful to prospective employers regardless of the circumstances. 

How To Make Your LinkedIn Breaks Stand Out 

With LinkedIn marketing, you may take advantage of this function by going to your profile and clicking on the Add Section button. 

After that, you might choose to include a break in your work history. 

The start and end times of the break, as well as a title and a description, will be requested by LinkedIn. 

Among the choices available on the form for selecting a “kind” of break are: 

  • Bereavement 
  • Changing careers 
  • Caregiving 
  • Taking care of a family full time 
  • a year off 
  • Layoffs and the elimination of jobs 
  • a state of good health 
  • Aim-setting and achieving 
  • Continuing education 
  • Relocation 
  • Retirement 
  • Travel 
  • Voluntary work

Your professional break’s duration, location, and start and finish dates are all customizable. Select the checkbox if you are presently taking a professional break. 

If you’ve taken a career hiatus, it’s a good idea to mention that in your LinkedIn bio as well. For example, if your bio states that you’re now employed by a company, you can choose to move to your career break status rather than your current job status. 

Using the Description box, explain why you took a professional break and what you’ve gained as a result. To complete the process, click Save to save your changes. 

For those who have taken time out from work, the LinkedIn career break feature provides an opportunity for them to show off the talents they’ve gained outside of the office. Update your LinkedIn bio if this pertains to you today. For more information, you can contact the best digital marketing company in Cincinnati. 

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