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10 Benefits of Magento Development You Should Know About!

May 2021

In case you have been planning to commence an e-commerce business, looking for reliable and advanced e-commerce web development technology then, we have the best option for all the new entrepreneurs – MAGENTO! 

Whereas, the most crucial decision when you are starting an eCommerce business is to decide which content management system ( CMS) you’ll work on. There are countless options available in the market, choosing the right one is not an easy task. As mentioned above one of the most popular and the best CMS is MAGENTO. 

About the Magento  

There are numerous choices available in the market which includes Shopify, Woocommerce, Pershatop, etc. This significant platform has gained a lot of popularity, moreover, the statistics themselves tell about its raging popularity amongst the e-commerce businesses. It has more than 250k active users, and powers around 12% of all the e-commerce stores. The e-commerce websites based on Magento CMS are touching the sky when we talk about generating revenue. 

The latest version of Magento 2 has advanced Technology that has extended the shopping as well as admin features that makes it a user-friendly platform. Let’s take you to the benefits of Magento development. 

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Top 10 features of Magento 

Are you looking for the best eCommerce platform? If yes, we have brought the features of Magento that will help you to choose a better option. Scroll now!

1.Powerful Ecommerce Development Platform:

Whenever one is planning to develop its e-commerce store, the number of products that he is willing to add to it is the critical factor in determining the eCommerce development platform to be used. The e-commerce development platform shall be powerful enough to accommodate all your needs. When it comes to powerful accommodation, Magento has a competitive advantage as it is the only e-commerce development platform that has the ability to store hundreds and thousands of products. The only limit on the number of products is the size of your server. 

Some other significant features that make magneto a desirable powerful eCommerce platform are:-

  • It is extremely scalable as you can switch it easily at any time.
  • It offers inventory management that enables the website to manage and store the products with ease. 
  • Magneto development platform offers filters and navigation that helps to boost up the conversion rates and enhance the overall layout and working of the site. 

2. SEO Friendliness

An e-commerce development platform is more advanced and productive when it gets a good ranking. Magneto is one such e-commerce platform that has been made keeping in mind search engine optimization. It makes the process of optimization of product pages and descriptions very convenient and thus helps in getting a better ranking. An SEO-friendly e-commerce platform gives the product pages an advantage to appear on different search engines. Together with good SEO, magneto is also very responsive. It provides the best customer experiences. 

3. Fast Loading Web pages

One of the best benefits of the Magento e-commerce development platform is its fast loading. Faster loading speed enables a better experience for the viewer. It does not just increase the page views and conversions but also reduces the bounce rates. If the websites load slowly, no one has enough patience to wait for the site to load. Instead, they would tap the cross button and switch to another website. In this fast-paced world, nobody wants to buffer. Thus, realizing the significance of the load time, the Magneto e-commerce platform has built faster loading web pages. 

4.Flexible Content Management

Magneto development platform consists of a flexible content system. Flexible management systems update fresh and good quality content every day to attract customers. Magneto flexible content management system includes:-

  • customization of offerings making the store user-friendly.
  • Updating new and quality content daily to get more crowd.
  • Magento is built with an intuitive page editor to manipulate the basic working of the shopping cart.
  • You can use this tool to edit e-commerce web pages.

5 . It can be Highly-Customized

Magneto offers a brilliant feature of easy customization. From the layout of the e-commerce store, categories of products, to the content, everything can be customized using the Magento development platform. In order to offer high-quality customization, the developer of the Magneto development appoints a professional who can perfectly code everything from the very beginning according to the needs of the customer in a more friendly manner. Additionally, the e-commerce platform also allows you to choose from a variety of payments and shipments. Besides, several plugins are also added to the site to improve the functionality of the online store. 

6.Can get Advanced Reporting

To know about customer behaviors and get a deeper outlook, it is very much essential to have the data of an e-commerce platform. Thus, magneto gives you a better understanding of your online store. It consists of high-end reporting features providing nearly 20 web reports. Magento development platform offers the following for the sake of advanced reporting:-

  • The reporting feature gives detailed insights on orders, customers, and products.
  • The detailed data and relevant reports also include AOV and taxes, collection of shipping fees, the number of registered accounts, and the number of product orders of the online store. 
  • Magneto updates the reports and continues to offer the latest information. 

7. It is Built with Sales in Mind

Another significant feature of the Magneto development platform is that the website is created keeping in mind the sales. Sales here signifies higher conversion rates. You might be wondering how? 

then here are some ways that the Magneto development platform follows:-

  • It has a segmentation option by which we can target the customers based on their existing wish list and previous buying history. 
  • Magneto allows you to set up product recommendations and check out pages.
  • It enables you to recommend related items to the customers.
  • Magneto development platform also offers one-page checkout options that do not allow the customers to cancel their cart.

8.Advanced Search Filtration

Magneto development offers a dynamic feature of advanced search filtration. This feature is used by the e-commerce sites, to improvise the search, which in turn filters the products as per the parameters mentioned by the customer. Furthermore, it also has the feature of adding product tag filters. Advanced search filtration can also be done on the auto-suggested term.

9.It is an Open-Source Platform

Magneto is an open-source platform, which means that:

  • Magneto’s e-commerce platform gives you lots of integration and customization choices. 
  • It will modify and develop more in the coming time.
  • Merchants can simply download and install the Magento development platform on their respective servers without paying any license fees. 

10.Secured e-commerce store

The magneto development e-commerce platform allows you to secure and protect your store. You can easily manage the internal access effectively and efficiently with multi-level security permission. Also, with the Magneto development platform, you can generate a secondary password to forbid unpredictable breaches. At last, it also offers CAPTCHA and PCI data security for the ultimate protection. 

Is Magento the right choice? 

The above features have cleared the halfway that Magento is an excellent choice but, let’s make it more clear,  follow the given points to know more about it: 

  • PowerfulcanTo
  • Perfect for sales
  • SEO friendly
  • Customizable 
  • Can be easily edit 

Last but not least, launching a successful site also requires serious coding skills. It is not very easy to work with CMS during the launching or we can say at the building stage. 

Features of an e-commerce platform to be remembered by the website development company 

Now, let’s talk about what are the fundamental accentuates that a website development company should comprise into the website. The foremost characteristic is to make the website very presentable and appealing for the users as you know people get attracted towards the beautiful and pleasant things right? The entire look and the efficiency of the website depend on the selection of the development platform for creating the website. 


Indeed these features of the Magento offer a better user experience. Magento is a highly recommended platform whereas, it makes your life super easier even for the store admins. It serves extensive catalog management features that benefit the catalog of physical, virtual, and digital products. Magento is a strong system that includes a potent set of tools that induce solace into the management of orders, inventory, shipping, customers, payment, and much more.   

Now, you know all about all the advantages and the best features of the magneto, you would be planning to choose Magento for starting your business. Thus, be ready for a pleasant and attractive presence on your website. 

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