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Best E-Commerce Platforms For Your Business

April 2022
best ecommerce platforms

E-Commerce stands for all of the online activities that include buying and selling of products. E-Commerce is the process of conducting online transactions. So there must be numerous platforms for e-commerce. These platforms can help your local business internationally. Which do you think is best?

In this article, we will help guide you to the best e-commerce platforms for your business. Choosing the right platform is important. Change is vital, so think of a platform that will help you if you face any challenges or problems in your business.

Before you rank an e-commerce platform, it is a good idea to have already sorted out a first-rate deal of strategy and capabilities. For instance, some platforms are those which focus on search engine optimization.

So let us move on to the best e-commerce platforms:



Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms owned by Adobe that specializes in e-commerce websites. Magento users can have access to thousands of features that help them in connecting with their customers and develop relationships.

The creators of this platform made it easy to use for ordinary people. This means it does not require any technical knowledge to use it.

This system is vigorous because it can handle millions of clients. Magneto makes it easy for you to stay in one place and continue to grow. The platform also offers customers various plugins and themes to help them do whatever they want to do.

Magneto has launched a new version known as Magneto 2. The new version has 50% faster loading speeds, flexible architecture for websites, a more efficient business experience, more secure payments, and easier maintenance and upgrades.

Who Uses Magento?

  • Just for Men, a male hair dye brand stepped into the e-trade international with Magento.
  • HP Inc, the electronics company needed one massive e-trade save for numerous international locations in Asia.
  • Helly Hansen, the apparel brand chose Magento whilst their old e-trade platform became discontinued.

Open Cart


Open Cart is a highly customizable e-commerce platform, with no monthly fees. This platform offers you plenty of themes at a low running cost. The Open Cart platform has multi-store support that helps you stay on the upline of various stores from a single interface.

This platform requires a little coding knowledge for extensive customization and will require that you have some level of comfort while setting up the website, dealing with hosting, and modification of code.

This is a low investment platform and has a vast range of features like no caps on the number of products and product categories, and the ability to manage multiple stores.

Open Cart has accurate SEO capability and is mobile-friendly, which can be a great option for the small entrepreneur who desires to store on their platform. 

Open Cart lets you add a filter section on your sidebar so that customers can sort their products according to its features. There is an option of using multiple currencies while selling. One of the features of this platform is you can convert your store to over 40 multiple languages. 

Big Commerce


BigCommerce is a public trade best e-commerce platform offering software-as-a-service(SaaS) services for building and hosting online stores. BigCommerce has hosted more than 145,000 websites, and at present has 52,198 stores active on the platform.

This platform does not let you own software but still, you have to pay monthly fees to use it. They offer you a versatile range of templates for website designing. In this online store, you can sell physical or digital goods and there are some tools that help in digital marketing. BigCommerce does not give free services and charges every month for the services. This platform is considered a bit costlier than other platforms.

 Who uses BigCommerce?

  • Carolina Panthers, a sports activities unit that had to convert cellular users.
  • Hincapie Sportswear, a B2B sportswear organization.
  • Di Bruno Bros., a food enterprise that had been promoting through e-trade for more than 10 years.

Whether or not BigCommerce will be the right fit for you relies upon your own strategy, of course. If you do select BigCommerce, you can count on high customizability (if you have coding capabilities) and a steady purchaser guide. However, you could also count on a higher rate tag for multiple capabilities that various systems encompass in their fundamental plans.



Woocommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin of WordPress. This is popular because it is simple and easier to use. The freedom of open-source means you retain full ownership of your store’s content and data forever.

If you are launching a store taking brick and mortar retail online or making sites for clients, WooCommerce offers you beautiful templates and themes that suit your store. You can customize pages in a few minutes using modular product tools. Showcase physical and digital goods, product variations, custom configurations, and instant downloads.

WooCommerce is a paid platform and offers 100 plus platforms to make payments. With WooCommerce, your data remains yours. You can choose to opt-out anytime without impacting the store. You are free to export all content and take your website wherever you want to take it, there are no restrictions.

Who Uses WooCommerce?

  • Airstream, a trailer corporation that increased into e-commerce.
  • Cured, is food save that has grown from one brick-and-mortar store.
  • Absolute Antibody, a medical sequencing business enterprise that needed to share consequences with customers.



Squarespace is an online store with all the tools you need to build, grow, and manage your business. It gives you an easy way to keep a record of inventory, sales, marketing campaigns, and much more. Squarespace is a panel that easily operates across desktops and laptops, and is mobile friendly.

Their control panel syncs well with social media, selling through Instagram, Facebook, and all marketplaces like Amazon, and Walmart. They adapt the interface to customer screens, so their store looks great on any device.

You have built a visually stunning site for your business, so do not let your eCommerce shopping cart get in the way. Keep your design updated and powerful with Squarespace.

Squarespace is truly a stunning website that is designed to suit creative small business owners. You can create a stunning home page of your site using various themes. They offer great performance as compared to other platforms. This platform often provides a free domain plan. If your site is already hosted somewhere, then it may charge a minimal fee to transfer it.

They take special care of security. When you register for a domain name, you will get a free WHOIS privacy and SSL certificate that is built into your purchase. They also prove 24/7 assistance for any query.



Shopify is the platform with all of the eCommerce and point of sale features you need to start, run, and grow your business. This is a platform where you can sell products to anyone, anywhere from your website, social media, and marketplaces.

It helps to organize the layout of your store appearance with its multiple themes which are free of cost. With the themes, you can modify or change them in any way you want. This platform offers you to make an online payment for the products you want to sell.

This platform is really simple and easy to use while helping you grow and manage your business. You can easily increase your sales without being bogged down by technical issues. Shopify is a powerful hosted platform that takes care of transaction processing time.

This platform offers you all day and night assistance. You can easily generate discount codes on Shopify as well. In Shopify, customers cannot use multiple discounts by default. With Shopify, you have to pay certain fees for subscriptions and transactions. Its plan starts at $29 and escalated up to $299 for some advanced plans.

Who Uses Shopify?

  • Cartolina, a paper agency that moved from wholesale to e-commerce.
  • A snowman, a Canadian game developer that needed to promote merchandise.
  • Kylie Cosmetics, a splendor store that runs on Kylie Jenner’s star energy.


In this article, we have discussed the six best eCommerce platforms for your business that can help you with expansion. They are handy to use, manage, and help you to reach your business at new heights. Some of the platforms are paid and some are free and are per your choice, as well as the features available on that platform. You can also take the help of a professional who may guide you about the requirements of your business and how well the platform can assist you.

Ultimately, each platform has both pros and cons and after deep analysis, select the right one for your business expansion and growth. The right platform can give a boom to your business and will increase traffic to your website. Take care of your customer requirements the most and try to think after getting into their shoes. This will give you a better view of your business.

If you are still confused about which platform to use, contact a company offering eCommerce development in Cincinnati. At Reversed Out Creative, we are one such place and can help you with your website development.

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