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Targeted-Impact Link Building | A Complete Guide For Businesses!

April 2022
targeted link building

Link building enhances traffic and traffic escalates ranking – that’s something that readers, content marketers, and technical SEOs will consent upon. The very next question you may ask is, what is link building? Which ranking is to be done and on which page or website?

Link building is important because links play a major role in ranking your website on Google. The search engine checks the quantity of high-quality inbound links. The higher quality links there are, the better your site will be ranked.

Ranking helps in surging the chance of a click to your website, hence extracting more audience. This will increase the popularity and range of your site.

This is a small guide for you if you are wanting to build links that impact your website and enhance your ranking.

A Complete Guide To Targeted Link Building

Below, we are going to share with you a complete step-by-step guide to targeted link building.

Choosing Pages For A Targeted – Impact Link Building Campaign

Link building campaigns frequently require – clarifying client goals to work efficiently and understanding the demand for work. The first and foremost step is level setting- in which the data available will help in learning more.

For a better understanding, first compare the link metrics against the leading competitors which will help in estimating the level of competition, traffic, page authority, and SEO difficulty. 

When we look out for opportunities nowadays, it is complex and time-consuming to go-through hundreds and thousands of pages, so it is more efficient to choose pages for a targeted – impact link-building campaign.

If you choose random pages, then there is a chance that your audience will shift to another website. Try to use links to those pages that correlate with the topic and are catchy. This will help you in interacting with your audience for more time and will increase their interest in your website.

Searching Targeted Audience

Before explaining further, we will start with a simple day to day example: If I want to increase the sales of a product, let’s say anti-dandruff shampoo, now I have to find out where its in higher demand, weather condition, age group to target, how to make our brand of shampoo more reachable and attractive, adding some value to it, plunging its price against rivals, and so on.

The offers made, conditions, and usage is directly related to the targeted URL (uniform resource locator), if the same keywords are used or not to describe them. This means we build our audience based on the particular client URL that we are building links to.

For instance, if we target Reversed Out Creative’s SEO service page, we would start asking ourselves, when will agencies and businesses start thinking about SEO services? How do we make them understand the value of investing in SEO?  Additionally, online seminars can be used for agencies in showing them how their business can grow. With both scenarios, online SEO services are essential to increase traffic on websites and rankings. In addition, expert surveys, expert interviews, and off-site informational placements enable targeted link building.

Let’s step out of SEO and think of an insurance sales package. We can start thinking about circumstances that will help us to seek insurance requirements. Life insurance in case of sudden death, health insurance for sudden cardiac pain, etc.

By understanding your audience, you can make a list of websites that your target audience is visiting. Check out your target demographics’ interests and their behaviors. What does your audience want? Which particular product or services are they interested in? Make a list of each and every point to understand them better.

Use brainstorming by trying to find out the problem areas and queries which your target audience is facing and then after discovering, align them to a particular webpage link. This will increase the chances of your audience reading your website and getting all of their answers on your website.

Link Building Strategy

A targeted link-building strategy plays an important role in increasing traffic to your website. There are numerous strategies that help in building an impactful link to enhance Google’s ranking. There are a plethora of digital marketing resources as well to make websites attractive to seek audience attention.

Link Outreach

Outreach means the act of reaching out and link outreach simply means the act of asking a site for backlinks. If you write content that is worth links, then it helps Google understand that your site is full of data regarding that particular topic. These backlinks act as a vote of confidence from one site to another.

What do backlinks actually do? Well when you click on a link given on a webpage it then directs you to a particular page, thus increasing the target audience of that particular page, this is also known as organic traffic.  Plus it helps the audience to understand the topic better and retain them on your website for a longer time period. If the site is an external site then it increases the potential customer of that website.

Quantifiable Link Building Wins

Image credit – Moz

This is the most effective and challenging aspect of a targeted link-building campaign to retain clients or budgets if you are a house site.

There are numerous ways to measure the performance of a link-building campaign but which method you want to choose depends directly on the strategy and tactics used.

In case you are focused on the content site and exclusively on earning placements to sales landing pages. We address our evaluation from the viewpoint of SEO-related metrics that will show both prime indicators of advancement and the correct performance indicators once we have had an impact.

In a campaign, you may see a worsening of average position. The cause of this is new keywords ranking on a particular campaign page. If the page earlier ranked SERP (search engine results page) #7 or #8 this will pull down the rank of the page.

The graph above represents one of the risks of concentrating heavily on rank as the prima facie factor. While the average position (purple) line shows a decrease in position. Now concentrating on columns we can see that the number of keywords is growing in positions 1-3 (blue) lines. Just not enough to keep the ranking keywords down in SERPs.

This certainly shows that the ranking of a particular website depends on various factors like links (external and internal), keywords, the share of voice, page authority, etc.

Share Of Voice

The advantage for us of highlighting the share of voice over ranking is that it equates to dramatic shifts in time series outline based on ranking fluctuations from low-volume examination.

Ranking reports can sometimes be a roller-coaster. Share of voice equates with an averaging traffic model, expressed as a proportion of total traffic for a keyword set.

As the graph represents a similar set of the control group; a set that is not a part of the campaign. This second set is selected from the same sections of the site and from similar ranking and visited pages, to quantify the achievement of our link building.

The graph does not show positive growth and when we differentiate between the campaign page and the control group, then the results are even more dramatic.

Page Authority

One of the early indicators of imminent success is page authority. We often see page authority escalating even before we see any improvement in rankings and share of voice.

Another benefit of page authority is the direct impact of third party validation on our work.

There are many other factors of our link-building campaign that may affect our ranking like misalignment, gaps in our content, spelling errors, punctuation marks, grammar mistakes, technical issues, image optimization, and inhibiting a metric that is best influenced by improving the page link.

Bottom Line

In the end, we would like to say that it might seem overwhelming to follow through this process. This is the reason why we examine the quality and performance of links over time. If you have any questions or need help with your link building campaign, feel free to contact us at Reversed Out Creative.

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