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Why Are Keywords Important?

February 2017

 What are keywords?

Keywords are the words/phrases that users type into search engines to find which websites match what they’re looking for. It is important for you to have keywords that relate to your business within the content of your website. If you are a logo design firm, it is to your advantage to use as many words that relate to “logo design” that a user might think of and incorporate into your website content. For example, if you wanted to find a logo design company, you would probably type something like “logo design, logos, or logo design companies near me” into your search engine. Those words/phrases are considered to be your keywords.

Why use keywords?

Keywords are crucial for every business website because they bring web traffic to your business for FREE. Putting some thought into target words for your website is an investment worth making. Each page of your website should have relevant words associated with possible searches.  Blog post titles and navigation titles should all consider how search engines will utilize the content for search results. Keywords help boost your SEO, boost your page’s ranking, and help get specific audiences to view your posts.

SEO Tips

Using keywords correctly throughout a page can be critical when you are trying to improve SEO as part of your digital marketing strategy. Search engines usually give more attention to the first 200 words within a page. This means it’s important to make sure that your keywords are used near the top of the page, usually within the first paragraph. Another good way to boost your SEO is to use your keyword at least one time in one heading. Using the words appropriately within your headings emphasizes the importance of the words to the theme of your page.
Keep in mind that any keyword can be over used, which can actually lower your SEO. A good tool to help you keep your SEO as good as possible is Yoast SEO in WordPress. Yoast tells you what you did correctly, so you know what needs to be improved to get the highest SEO rating possible.

Top keyword tools to use

There are multiple free tools online to help with finding your keywords. The most popular tools are the Google Keyword Planner and Wordtracker. These tools help you get started researching words relevant to your business. Both tools are great at giving you an idea of what words to start with. They also help you target a specific audience with the words you choose.

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