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Know Your Competitors | See What They Can Tell You!

April 2021
know your competitors

Do you have an urge to become the best in your field and ensure the top position for your company?

You are not alone.

Like any other company, you should think about your rivals and competitors. This is important because they are the ones that you are going to compete with and collide with within the market. As a company that deals with solving problems for agencies, start-ups, and established businesses, it is necessary that we know our rivals and competitors to ensure the best for our company and services. You have come to the right place if you want to know your competitors but do not know how to.

What are some things that you should know about your rivals and competitors?

Knowing about their services and marketing techniques is not enough. There are many others things you should consider if you want to know your competitors. However, this can be a difficult task if you are not sure about the things you want to know or the things that will help you. We have mentioned a list of things that you should know about your rivals and competitors.

1. Who are your competitors? Know Them!

One of the foremost things to know about your competitors is knowing who they are. You should be careful in analyzing your competitors and rivals. Knowing your competitors will give you an opportunity to befriend the other companies and create good credibility and reliability. You can make use of different resources.

3. Know what your competitors are providing!

One of the best ways to ensure that you are increasing the products and services provided by your company is by knowing those provided by your competitors. When in the market, you should know about the products and services that they are providing. This will help you compare the position of your products or services with that of theirs. You will be able to take measures to improve and increase your services.

2. Know both online & offline culture of your competitors

If you determine the corporate culture of your competitors, you will be able to gain immense knowledge through both online and offline means. This is important as you will be able to gain an insight into their – – working environment, strategies, social work, content, etc. A great way to ensure this is to visit their seminars and conferences. This will also help you gather information through first-hand experience.

4. What is their position in your comparison?

Another thing that is important for you to know your competitors is the position them in the market both online and offline. This will help you in comparing your position with that of your competitors. You should also know the position that your competitors see themselves in. This will ensure that you are able to analyze their positions in search rankings, products, services, audiences, etc.

5. Figure out the target audience/customer

Another must-know thing about your rivals is their customers and audience. Once you determine the target audience of your rival companies, you will have covered the most important aspects to know your competitors. Knowing them will help you learn about the interests and dislikes of the audience. You will also be able to improve your strategy and audience if you think there is a need to do so to compete with your rivals on equal grounds.

6. Know your competitors strength

If you are looking at your competitors you must figure out their strengths. What are they doing to succeed. Not just this, but through analyzing your competitor’s strategies you can figure out what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong, you can plan your strategies accordingly. For instance, if your competitors are making more business through social media, you should also add in the social media marketing in your plan.

9. Social Media Analysis

Social media has become one of the major marketing channels for all businesses. Therefore, while doing competitor analysis, it is vital that you also check out their social media profiles. You can gather a lot from there including – what type of content people like, what strategy is working for them, how they are targeting, who they are targeting, etc.

7. Learn from their mistakes & don’t repeat them.

While analyzing the competitors, you should focus on finding what mistakes they did. It is smart and wise to figure out their mistakes and avoid doing them in your business. Analysis of your competitors is like the holy grail for your business. This is like a set a roadmap for your business growth.

8. Find out what technologies your competitors are using?

Finding out what technologies your competitors are using can help ease your decision. Remember, it is not just that you need to know what technologies they are using but also if it is working for them or not. You can also step up a little and find the better technology for your business.

So, here you go. These are some of the things that you can easily figure out while analyzing your competitors. So, always keep in mind that you are trying to learn everything about what works for them and most importantly what doesn’t. Replicate the stuff that works for them and avoid the things that don’t.

How To Get This Information?

Once you are sure that you know the things you must know about your rivals and competitors, you should get to the next part. Finding what information your company needs is somewhat easier than finding how you will attain that information. To know your competitors better, we have mentioned some tips and suggestions to help you know these things. These things will help you gather the required information about your competitors.

1. Study Competitor’s SEO Report

One of the first things that will help you gather the required information will be your competitors’ websites and ways of search engine optimization. You can easily have access to the website of your rival companies. You need to make the most out of it and gather the information that is relevant to you. You can also make use of different applications and websites online if you want to compare your rivals’ optimization in the search engine. This will help you in analyzing the trends that are currently being followed in your company and that of your rivals’.

2. Study Their Content Strategy

Analyzing their content marketing strategy is another one of the best ways to gather information about the things you must know about your rivals. You should consider analyzing their blogs, websites, linkable assets, etc. You will also be able to check their target audience through the content they are publishing online. Not only this, but you will also be able to check the quality and the relevance of their content with yours. This will help you in determining the quality of your own product. This is a great way to know your competitors.

3. Attend the conferences & seminars

Many companies and businesses hold conferences and seminars to publicize and market their products and services. Your rivals and competitors are most probably going to do the same as one of their marketing strategies. You can easily attend their seminars and get to know your competitors by listening to them first hand. This will not only help you gather information about their products, but you will also be able to determine the personalities of the owners and their employees. You will also be able to look at the way they interact with their audience.

4. Study Email Marketing Strategy

A great way of establishing a close relationship with your competitors is through subscribing to their email list or newsletter. By this, you will be able to access their content and the frequency of emails. You can game up your company’s strategies if you take a careful look at their email patterns. You will also be able to see the reliability and validity of the company’s sender score. This means you will be able to see for yourself if the email is sent directly to your spam or not. You will also be able to know your competitors better by gathering information like optimization and content.

Final Words

These were some things that you should know about your rivals and competitors. We have mentioned both the things that you must know and the ways to obtain the information. This complete guide will help you to know your competitors in the best possible way. You will also be ensuring a proper framework and following the legal procedures as knowing your rival company through illegal means is not necessary. You can make use of legal methods and in a straightforward way. This will also increase your credibility in the market. You will be able to ensure the best development and take your company forward in your industry.

So, if this was convincing and you also want to run competitor analysis, all you have to do is

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