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10 Most Popular Apps In The USA

May 2021
popular apps In the USA

In today’s world, everybody is dangling on electronic gadgets, for instance, phones, laptops, tablets, etc. For every small thing, we tend to find the solution on google. Not only that but there are endless apps available serving you distinct services according to people’s desires. And it has become a necessity nowadays! As you know there is a fad of online business, and people seem to be switching their offline business to an online one. 

How is being online on a mobile platform a wise choice?

It is the best choice that works for businesses because of accessibility. For example, if you want to buy some kitchen accessories, you’ll find them online and order right? So, did you go out of your house? Did you go to the market to buy the stuff? No, not at all! Hopefully, now you can get an idea of why the trend of online marketing is reaching such dazzling heights.

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Top 10 Mobile Apps in the USA

Today every business is creating apps to serve its customers the best quality benefits. The purpose of creating a separate app is that you can easily get that particular stuff on a single app with endless varieties and even at a cheaper price. For example, if you want to look for just makeup products you know this is the app you have to look for, if you wish to order food then, there is another app to look at.  It also reduces your effort as well as your time. Here are some of the most popular apps in the USA: 

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular and best online shopping apps in the USA. Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in the industry. It is known for the availability of almost all kinds of products and items. It has practically proven what it has intended to do. The logo itself signifies everything from A to Z. From books, clothes, cosmetic products to grocery, eatables, electrical appliances, Amazon has it all.

 In this digital era, Amazon has successfully established its reputation and trust among the customers. Shoppers in the USA love this app because this app has been very convenient and easy to use. It has never failed to interact with the customers or to handle any of their grievances and issues. Amazon’s customer services are super active and have responsive return and refund policies. 

Available on – Android and iOS

2. Youtube

Youtube is one of the most used apps not only in the US but globally. It is a social platform that has been made for people to create and post content, news, entertainment, etc. Youtube has proven to be a good source of income for a lot of you tubers. Youtube has helped millions of people in sharing their unique opinions and different talents with the world. All of the content is available for free for viewers, but the content of few movies and web series requires charges. Data says that Youtube has a watch time of more than one billion hours every day. 

Available on – Android, iOS

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3. Whatsapp (Popular apps in the USA)

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the USA. Whatsapp has approximately two billion users and, it delivers about 100 billion messages per day. The Whatsapp messenger has made its appearance in 180 countries out of 193 countries in the world. WhatsApp holds the position of most used chat app because of the following features:

  • Group chats in WhatsApp can accommodate upto 256 people at once.
  • WhatsApp provides you with the convenience of syncing your chats to multiple devices. 
  • It offers free text, videos, and audio calls, even internationally
  • WhatsApp can handle spreadsheets, PDFs, and other files upto 100 Mb.

4. Uber App

Uber is amongst the most popular apps in the USA. Uber is the world’s leading cab service app. It is a technical digital platform that connects drivers and riders. The app was launched in California as an evolution of the taxi market. Uber captured a huge part of Europe real quick and expanded like a storm in South America as well. 

Uber App has also incorporated Google maps to enable the rider as well the user know the exact location of each other. And have an estimate about the time of reaching the pick-up point and the destination. Data also tells that Uber drivers have completed approximately more than five billion trips to date. 

Available on – Android and iOS

5.  Instagram

Instagram is the most used social network platform across the world. Ever since Instagram was launched, it was successful in providing immense satisfaction and entertainment to the users. Slowly and gradually, it also opened ways for digital marketing via tools and ads. It is not seen just as a source for sharing videos, photos, and audio. But almost every company and business is using the platform to share and promote their products to capture a wider audience.

 Instagram has grown a lot over the years and has added several new and appealing features to it. At a time, it has more than a million users online, which has made Instagram more powerful than Facebook and Twitter. From news to entertainment, and awareness, and health Instagram has expanded in all fields and genres. 

Available on – Android, iOS

6.Spotify Music App (Popular Apps In The USA)

Spotify is the most popular app in the music streaming service. It gives you access to millions of podcasts, songs, and artists from the artists globally. The app is completely free, and you simply access the app by signing in using your email ID or Facebook account. Spotify has a playlist of more than 35 million songs. Currently, it has more than 159 million active users and is available in 61 countries.

Available on – Android, iOS

7. Dropbox

Dropbox is an extremely useful app and one of the oldest apps used today. It is basically a cloud storage app through which you can save files online and sync them to your devices. It makes it very convenient for you to share your files online with any of your groups or team. It does not have any limitation on the size of the files, neither on desktop applications nor on mobile apps. 

One of its remarkable features is its compatibility. Dropbox can be integrated with every app and web service available. It offers free storage upto 2GB which can later be increased to 3TB on paying a subscription charge. 

8. Netflix | One of the most popular apps in the USA

Netflix is an app that offers streaming services online. It is subscription-based. The members of Netflix get access to several movies, TV shows, and web series without any ads or commercials. Its stock of movies and shows is consistently updated to the latest and holds the content of every genre. Today, Netflix has more than 204 million paid users, and in the USA itself, it has been found that 47% of Americans prefer Netflix over any other streaming platform.

During the pandemic, since everyone was locked in their homes, they shifted towards various sources of entertainment it has resulted in a high jump in the sign-ups and number of views. 

9. AirBnb App

Airbnb is a booking app that helps users in planning and executing their holidays with locals. It also lists several apartment and motel stays to promote and encourage homestays with locals. It has millions of users today that has motivated many users to open their homes to tourists. It is an easy platform that makes booking very user-friendly. It is a popular app in the USA for business travelers and leisure. 

Available on – Android, iOS


Tiktok is a popular Chinese app that was created to share short videos set to music. People on TikTok perform dancing and lip-syncing on songs of every genre. Many users have been successful in creating fame on TikTok. Several challenges go trendy on the platform every week. Data shows that the app has an average use time of around one hour per user and 90% of them use the app on daily basis. TikTok’s parent company has today become one of the successful startups in the world. 

Available on – Android, iOS

Final Verdict

Digital marketing is taking businesses to a next level. Today, not even a single business can ignore to make their online presence. If you don’t have an online presence eventually, you don’t exist for the customers. A mobile app can expedite your business growth hence, all the above-mentioned are the most popular apps in the USA. These apps include all the best shopping apps in the USA offering different and the best products. This will help all the best app development companies to make headway! So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! 

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