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8 App Store Optimization (ASO) Tips That Work!

April 2021
App Store optimization

Looking for the process to improve your app visibility in the app store? If yes, App store optimization can help you in increasing app conversion rates. Around 6 million apps in the app store, How would you stand you with the field of competitors?. The only key that applies here is to use the proper strategy to optimize your app. 

If you have landed here, you might be looking for app store optimization tips to boost the ranking and the visibility of your app. To help you out in this, we have curated a list of tips that you can consider for Optimization. 

Best Tips For App Store Optimization (ASO)!

Are you ready to market your app? Well, the answer might be yes.  It’s time to take your app to the next level with the help of app store optimization marketing. Without further ado, let’s check out the guide to optimize your app in a better way!

1.  First Things First: Pick the right app title

When you are talking about the app, the very first thing that strikes everyone’s mind is the name. Make sure you pick the title by adding the relevant keyword to it. This helps in increasing the search ranking in the app. It’s going to be a little bit difficult as you can write the title in 30 characters for the app store and 50 characters for the Google Play store. Be smart before you pick the one! Apart from the title, subtitles also play an important tip in ASO marketing. It will give context to your app for further insights. 

2. Find The Right App description

To give you the app’s metadata, the app description should be considered an important part. You need to describe your app well by mentioning:

  • What does your app do?
  • How will it make users’ life easier?
  • Why is it worth the price?
  • What problems it can solve?
  • What makes your app different from others?

For app store ranking algorithms, your description can’t be ignored. Use the relevant keywords that your potential users are looking for? The description can be up to 4000 characters in the App Store and google store. 

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3. Keyword Optimization

In ASO Marketing, keywords play an important role in ranking your app. For this, you need to do in-depth keyword research by using any of the SEO tools. Some of them are:

  • Ubersuggest
  • Ahrefs
  • AnswerThePublic
  • SpyFu
  • SEMrush

 Never use keywords that are not related to your app thus it will penalize your ranking. Also, you must not use keywords that include any app’s name or the competitor’s name. Start analyzing the page of competitors to determine the keywords that will help in a good start for your research.

4. Unique icon design

An icon is going to describe your brand so make sure you focus on the best and engaging design. Prove your app why it’s worth considering. For app store optimization, icons play a crucial role in increasing traffic. However, no one can judge a book by its cover but by the end of the day what matters is how attractive your Logo design is. If your icon is attractive, engaging, and unique, people are going to have their eyes on it. For a safer side, make sure you don’t copy and other’s icons as it can trouble you in the future. 

5. Add Screenshots and Videos

What you show is what people buy! One of the best app store optimization tips is to attract users by demonstrating your performance. Now, the users are on your page, you need to convince them. Prepare screenshots and videos to demonstrate your work and build trust. Thigh might not affect your app ranking directly but it can play a great role in conversion rate. Pick a layout of the screenshots and pay proper attention to the design visuals. Make it informative and easy to understand! You can showcase 10 screenshots in the App Store and 8 in the Google Play Store. 

6. Focus On App Ratings And Reviews!

Before downloading any app, 80% of the users read at least one review. For better App Store optimization, you need to focus on App ratings and reviews. The better the rating, the more relevant your app is. Take the reviews into consideration and if you are lacking in something, take the comments into action. People love it if you are taking their feedback in a positive way. If your app has good reviews and ratings, you will get more potential users to download your app.

7. Competitor Analysis and optimization

For ASO marketing, it’s very important to understand who your competitors are and what they are doing to improve the app. Nail down the categories for your app and find the number of apps, competitors, and what is the rank of the competitor’s app. Not only this will help to know the strategy but also will motivate you to perform what can make your app better.

Consider the changes that help competitor’s apps rank. Do this on a monthly basis to monitor your app performance. 

8. Drive traffic

The ultimate goal is to derive traffic. Well, check out the preview screenshots and videos to know the indecisive users. Focus on the ranking by determining the number of times people download it for better visibility With the help of app store optimization tips, you can improve the app. Start working on the brand to create more awareness and start adding images to social media and make your presence everywhere to derive traffic. 

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Benefits Of App Store Optimization!

Now, the next question that comes to your mind, is it really works? Well, to clear this doubt we have listed the benefits of ASO Marketing

1. Stand Out Among Your Competitors

The main benefit that you can get with App Store Optimization is to get identified. What if your app doesn’t come on the top of the search list. Will people download it? The answer is No. No matter, how great your app and its features are, people focus on what they find easier. So, to improve visibility, these app store optimization tips play an important role.

2. Get Traffic Organically

After designing an app, you want people to download it right? The best App store Optimization strategy will boost your app organically. The reason behind this is the keywords are used properly with the help of ASO. You need to regularly monitor your conversion rate and make your efforts successful

3. Increase in Conversion Rates and App Revenue

To monetize your app, you will find many ways but it can’t be possible if you are not able to convince the users to download the app. So how can you run an ad without any traffic? Well, here the app store optimization tips work. It helps in conversion rate optimization and gets people to click and download the app. With this, it will generate revenue by creating subscription models.

4. Get relevant and high-quality users.

With the help of app store optimization, the app can easily be found by the users that are actually on the hunt for an app. It helps to match the required app with your added keywords. What are you looking for? Use ASO Marketing to find high-quality users.

5. Get Continuous growth

Once you have started focusing on ASO strategies, you can attract people on a regular basis. Instead of spending money, you can focus on organic growth. Still not optimized the app to attract people, find the best SEO tools to get your app get optimized with the relevant keywords.

6. Target Global Audience

With the help of localization, you can make your app available in different languages. This means your app can be used all over the world. App store optimization tips help you in understanding the strategies and take your app to the global level.

Bottom Line

Before you follow these tips, make sure the App Store Optimization Marketing must be an ongoing process, it can’t be stopped. You need to work on them on a regular basis to achieve desired results. A keen eye and regular check-ins, make it a successful optimization. Focus on what you are doing and trust me, your investment will pay off many times. All the best, waiting to see you on the top results! In case, you need help, you can contact us and we will help you with ASO.

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