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SEO Tips For Startups | Learn About All The Benefits!

June 2022

Being one of the difficult tasks, comments are full of positive and negative reviews but still, startups have to work on SEO from the initial days. Although, startups should not solely depend on SEO. This is the reason why many startups look after shortcuts in the hopes that they will escalate the speed of their ranking. 

In this article, we will try to clear all of your doubts as a startup and will tell you how startups can use SEO to have better and faster results. Our tips include some of the best startup SEO practices that you should use. So let’s begin:

What is the difference between regular SEO and startup SEO? 

Is there any difference, what do you think guys? The answer is that Google has standard guidelines, and it does not bother Google if you are a regular SEO, an established institution, or a startup SEO. Google wants its clients to get relevant content for every query they search. A person who searched for a query does not know whether you are a startup or a regular business, so the requirements for both are similar regarding SEO. 

The only point that differentiates the two is the resources. Startups do not have the resources that an established business has. Startups want to grow and have the determined willpower to be the biggest names in an industry. So this is a small SEO tip for your startup. 

There are some standards that are the same for all, as Google does not compromise if you are a startup or an established one. So, regardless of your budget, keep Google guidelines in mind, as they are the same for all and there is no compromise in search optimization. 

What kind of criteria do search engines look for?

Search engines have their own way of working and when we talk about SEO, it’s about the ranking positions of the pages that will rank higher. There are certain criteria set by Google regarding ranking, so your page should provide all the below-given points:

  • Quality Content

The content that you are providing on your page should be relevant to the title and provide unique information to your audience. The users should find the content useful when they search for a query. 

  • Engagement

Your content should be clear and detailed so that your audience gets what they want on a single page. This will keep users more engaged on your webpage, hence a surge in ranking. 

  • User Experience

Google cares about the experience of the user. So the content should be complete, and the information should be accurate so that your audience has a great experience. Additionally, if your site has good reviews, then it will attract a larger audience. So this is definitely an SEO tip to keep in mind

  • Accessibility

It is mandatory that your page is accessible so that search engines can rank your webpage. So as startup SEO, remember to give access for better ranking. 

All in all, the matter of concern for Google is that your content should be captivating, detailed, engaging, accessible, and optimized.  

What are the standards set by Google for measuring things? 

When it comes to high-quality content or remarks about user experience, they are completely vague. So the question that comes to mind is how Google measures these ambiguous standards when only rigid data is available for work. 

Further, there are three factors that help Google’s ranking as an SEO startup. They are:

  • Keywords

One of the important factors that must be present in your article is keywords. With changes to Google algorithms over the years, you must use each keyword so that they match the content and also the search query. So this is one of the important SEO tips for a startup, how keywords should be used to target an audience.

  • User Experience

Customers are a priority for any business, so the quality of experience your audience has is the most important. Complete information on your website will engage users for more time and hence will give a better experience to the client.  

  • Links

There are many ranking factors in the Google algorithm, and one of the most vital factors is links. The page that earns the maximum links from trusted sources is likely to get the maximum engagement. The quantity of the content does not matter, it is the quality that makes the webpage more engaging and helps in ranking.

  • Location

One startup tip is to add your location so that users can connect with you. If your startup is related to the hotel industry, food industry, or any other business agency where location is vital, your web page ranks higher if somebody’s query is related to location. 

  • Engagement Signals

To find out if your content is engaging, check the bounce rate, the number of times a page is visited, and the average time spent on the page. Being a startup you might have less engagement time, but it increases with time. There is a term referred to as pogo-sticking, meaning the client has shifted to another site since the required information they were searching for was not on your webpage. Engagement signals are a great digital startup idea, so work on providing useful content to increase the rate. 

  • Build a website that is SEO-Friendly

A vital startup tip is to make a website SEO-friendly and for that, do not just get tempted to design a website and sign up for the lowest hosting provider that you find. If you are doing so, then you are stopping your prospects of growth. As we have already discussed, the experience of the user and the engagement rate is a primary part of a marketing strategy, and you have to make a website with SEO at the forefront. 

Five areas that need focus:

  • Code

One of the areas that need to be focused on is code, and it has an impact on the way the website is accessed on the search engine, how fast the pages are loaded, and how much your website is mobile-friendly. 

While using WordPress themes or other CMS platforms, you need to be aware of the code. The benefits that you get while using WordPress are the templates that help you make new pages with a click and make content with a visual interface, you do not need to code everything yourself. So being a newcomer who is trying to gain knowledge about WordPress, this is one of the tips for a startup. 

Working on building a website from the beginning for a startup is a hard task. For new pages, create your own template to reduce your work of typing the same code again and again. Grab knowledge about dynamic web pages so that you edit points. For instance, you might have to edit the website header manually every time but if you know about dynamic web pages then your work can be done easier. 

  • Content

Finding content that solves your query is important for a user, this will determine how successful your SEO blueprint is. There are some points that you should consider and are vital startup tips for high-quality content. The content should be valuable, have internal and external links, the images should be added, and it should be optimized. 

Startups try hard in the beginning, so they usually come with innovative content and there are a lot of chances that the content is unique and engaging with the audience. Large brands may have a shortcoming in this area, but as a startup, you have the benefit here, so use your innovative ideas to create captivating content.

  • Hosting

Hosting is a service where the content of a website is made accessible on the internet, so selecting the correct package is a must. Hosting is at the front line for a startup, so consider it an important startup tip that will assist you in making your firm grow faster and more sustainable. Page ranking which is an important factor for ranking is mainly determined by the standards of the hosting service. 

What does the hosting package include? Do you have any ideas? The answer is the hosting package decides the count of the audience that can view your site and the quantity of data that can be moved from one site to another. For example, if there are more visitors trying to access the site than you have given access to with your chosen hosting package, then it will be an obstacle for your webpage. 

Uptime records of the service provider should be considered, the type of security system they have, and the performance features that are available—for instance, web cache, CDN, and many more. 

  • On-Page Optimization

A lot of attention is gained by on-page optimization. It is a vital tip for startups that you optimize every published page, and use complete knowledge for every subject you produce content about. This will be an important part of your SEO strategy

  • Design

The visual design of the website is not seen by the search engine but if you mark the navigational structure and basic layout of your pages correctly, then it can be interpreted. Engagement signals are directly proportional to the user experience which means if your audience is engaged by the article, then the experience will also be better. This is one of the useful startup tips that you should consider. 

User experience is one of the factors for mobile pages, but user experience will decline if you have slow loading times and high bounce rates, then Google will not have a reason to endorse your pages to the audience. 

Points you should include:

  • Page URL: It should be expressive, legible, and have main keywords that are suitable for the web page. In most cases, this is similar to your page title without removing any stop words and formatted.
  • Page Titles: The title appears in blue link text in search results so as a startup tip, make it detailed, easy to read, and must have keywords within. 

What should be included in your article? 

  • Headings

Your page should have several headings and should be segregated into small parts and must have suitable heading tags (h1, h2, h3, h4, etc.)

  • Keywords

Content in the article should have appropriate headings and keywords in the page title. A variety of words having the same meaning (synonyms) should be included in the main body so that there is no keyword stuffing. 

  • Internal links

The main body should have links in the text of any pages that are relevant to your website. Links help in understanding the content easily and also increase the engagement rate. 

  • Mobile Optimization

The webpage should be designed in such a manner that it is mobile-friendly. There shouldn’t be any flaws when your page opens up on a mobile device. The images should be properly sized. This is an important startup tip. 

  • Content

The content of your webpage should be unique, captivating, and have detailed and useful information about the topic. 

  • Images

Content should be broken down with relevant images and make them adjustable according to the webpage. You can do so by working on the compression of the file, adding the subject, and the keywords. This is one of the best SEO tips for a startup as if the image size is too large, the loading time will affect the audience.

  • Structured Data

The search engine gets the structured information about the content at the code level by highlighting the sections of the pages like articles, addresses, reviews, etc. 

As a digital startup idea, we suggest that you make a website for SEO from the beginning and by doing so you will save a lot of money. 

For a startup that has a limited number of resources, it can be difficult to create quality content. Firstly, make content that is captivating and engaging, and then find ways to get the required volume. The ultimate goal is to make content that has all the below-given points: 

  • Shareable

If your audience finds out that you are giving them content that is beneficial for them and has up-to-date information, then they will definitely share it with friends so that they can also gain knowledge in a simple and better way. So as a startup, keep this digital startup idea in mind. 

  • Valuable

Your content should be useful and valuable for the client so they want to read your articles only and do not shift to other sites. 

  • Varied

One of the best startup tips is to make your content different from others so that it escalates the user engagement and ranking of the webpage. To do so, you can add images, videos, public surveys, and graphical presentations. 

  • Actionable

By making all the content that you are publishing on your webpage useful, your readers can turn into more customers. This can be achieved by following all the startup tips and see the results. Work on the key points to make your content captivating and the user should feel engaged so that they keep on clicking the links to gain complete information. 

Bottom Line

These are some of the digital startup tips that every startup should follow and consider to have quality content. If your content is liked by the audience, then it will increase the engagement rate and the ranking of the webpage. 

Find the success stories of other startups and look at and analyze their content. Make a unique and attractive tagline so that customers are intrigued to read your content. The content should be approachable and friendly to the client to increase the ranking of your webpage. Follow all the SEO tips for startups and in time, you will see great results.

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