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Storytelling Can Make Your Ads More Impactful: Here’s How to Bring the Two Together

February 2020
Ads more impactful

Humans are bound by emotions and make decisions by acting on them. When one buys something, they are basically making a decision about choosing something. However logical we might think we are while buying, there is always a certain amount of emotion that seeps into decision-making. World-class digital marketing and digital advertising strategies have been a hit owing to what they make people feel.

This is why when you add storytelling into your ads, it evokes emotions in people. When your ads tell a story, your product sells like hotcakes. At Reversed Out Creative, we believe that storytelling can work wonders for your digital advertising endeavors. This is why we have prepared a few tips on how to bring them both together.

Get real with your customer base

When you are in the business of storytelling with your ads, it is important to keep it real. Hypothetical and unreal stories will do you no good. Real stories appeal heavily to people’s emotions. For example, shoes are a daily and basic necessity. How do you advertise something as simple and basic as shoes? This is where TOMS Shoes got creative. The company launched the ‘One Day Without Shoes’ digital marketing campaign, where they asked everyone to go barefoot for a day and then share their experiences on Instagram.

Of course, going barefoot was a grueling experience. The company then shared an ad where they showed a story about how difficult it is for people who don’t even own a single pair of shoes. They then advertised that they would be donating a pair of shoes to a child in a poor country for every purchase made. The good intentions behind the campaign and their product became a hit with their customers.

Appeal to your target audience

Making generalized ads, even the ones that contain stories would do no good if these stories don’t reach the right ears. This is why it is very important for you to build digital advertising strategies around your target audience. This is what Coca Cola did. Even though the brand is world-famous and almost every age group indulges in it, Coca Cola largely focuses on the young generation in the age group of 15 -35. This is also the generation that is the most active on social media and is also looking to build relations in their early life.

Coca Cola launched the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign in Australia, where they put people’s names on their cold drink bottles. The bottles had ‘Share a Coke with Julie’ and other popular names in Australia printed on it, asking people to share a Coke with anyone in your circle of friends with that name and share the photo on Instagram. It became such a hit that people even started sharing their friendship stories along with the photo.

Interested in telling a story for your product too?

Reversed Out Creative is a Covington, Kentucky Ad Agency specializing in the art of storytelling to make more impactful ads. If you are looking to advertise your product and reach a larger audience, get in touch with us, and let’s tell stories together!


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