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User Experience Design

May 2016
User Experience Design

web design.

Why is UX design important?

The way we build websites today has become the experience we want to give the people who will use the websites. User experience can make or break your website. If your site is unorganized and difficult to maneuver, the user will not find it valuable. Most users won’t hesitate to leave your site immediately if they can’t figure something out. The easier and more useful your design is, the more the user likes it, and the more they’ll come back for your information. UX design is important for building your site’s ranking and your user’s loyalty.

Tips for creating great user experience design

User experience is how a person feels when interfacing with a system. So, you want to create an environment for the user that makes them feel excited and happy to interact with. The three most important things to remember are; keep it easy, useful, and valuable.
The more you know about your users, the better you can design for their needs and circumstances. Do some research, find out what the users want to see and what they’re used to. Keep in mind that they have been accessing websites in various ways. Mobile devices, multiple browsers, and different types of Internet connections all should be visibly pleasing and easy to maneuver.
Another important thing to remember is content. Your content needs to stay valuable to the user. Stay on topic and consistently post things that can be useful so your users stay interested.
The biggest thing in UX design is maneuverability. If your users know exactly where to go and how to find their information, their experience will be much better and they’ll continue coming to your site to find organized, easy, and valuable content!

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