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What is Video Marketing & Why is it important for your business?

July 2016
video content marketing

These days more and more businesses are using marketing videos to promote their services and products. 

The idea of video marketing is not new. However, nowadays it has become more important to have your marketing videos on all channels and digital platforms. These videos help businesses in educating customers and increasing customer engagement on digital platforms.

Today these marketing videos are not only a piece of the marketing plan. It’s central to all campaign efforts and social media strategy. It is very important to have more simple and raw and authentic content in such videos.

So, in today’s scenario, if you are not creating a marketing video for your business, you are likely falling behind. 

Why should you focus on video marketing today?

In the past decade, we have seen a massive surge in the popularity of videos as a content marketing format.

Marketing videos have transformed a singular marketing tactic into an entire business strategy. These videos have not only transformed the market and shop but also have revolutionized customer connect and conversion prospects.  

Customers prefer videos over any other type of content. Several studies show that today more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from the brands they prefer.

It has also been proved that marketing videos are capable of increasing customer conversion rates by over 80%. Mention of the word “video” in the marketing emails’ subject line increases open rates by 19%. 

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Types of Marketing Videos 

Before you start filming a marketing video for your business, you first need to decide on the type of video you want to make as a marketing strategy. Check out the list of types of marketing videos for a better understanding:

  • Brand Videos – Brand videos are a part of larger advertising campaigns. Such videos showcase the vision, services, and products of a business and build consumer awareness
  • Educational Videos – Educational videos are used to teach your customers something new. Such videos build the foundational knowledge among the customers, to better understand your services and business.
  • Live Videos – Live video provides a behind-the-scenes look to the viewers. Live videos ensure higher engagement rates. It has been noticed that viewers spend up to 8.1 times more with live video than with video-on-demand. Live-streaming interviews, or events, encourage viewers to comment.
  • Expert Interview videos – Companies often interview experts and industry leaders to build trust with the target audience. Such expert interviews are a deep-dive with the experts offering concrete takeaways for the customers.
  • Demo Videos – Demo videos are videos showcasing how your product works and how it can be used. 
  • Animated Videos – Generally, animated videos are used for hard-to-grasp concepts, as such concepts need strong visuals. Animated videos explain an abstract service or product nicely. 
  • Event Videos – In event videos, businesses showcase any important event it is hosting,  such a conference, or fundraiser, or another type of your browser.
  • Explainer Videos – Such videos help the audience to understand why they need your services and products. 
  • Case Study Videos – Case study videos feature loyal and satisfied customers, to prove that your product can solve their specific problem effectively.
  • 360° Videos – 360° videos are much in trend these days allowing viewers to scroll around to see the content from every angle.
  • Augmented Reality Videos – In augmented reality videos, a digital layer is added to what you are viewing currently. Like if you point your phone’s camera at your living room, AR will allow you to see how a center table would look in space.
  • Personalized videos – Personalized videos are created to continue a conversation or respond to a customer via email or text. Personalized videos usually create a delightful moment for your prospects and can drive them to purchase your services and products.

Importance of video marketing

This is an era of video revolution for marketers. Almost 63% of businesses are using video content marketing. 82% of businesses consider video marketing as an important part of their marketing strategy.

If you still doubt the worth of using marketing videos to promote your business, here we have 7 reasons for you to use video marketing as the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tool.

  • Boosts conversions and sales

It has been proved in a market research study that having a product video on your landing page can increase customer conversion by 80%.

Video also leads directly to customer sales. Studies have proved that 74% of the video viewers subsequently bought the product.

  • Video increases ROI

Market research studies show that 83% of businesses confirm that marketing videos increase the return on investment. Even though making a marketing video is not inexpensive, but it pays off big time. Apart from this, nowadays the video editing tools also come in an affordable range. One can even shoot videos using smartphones.

  • Videos build trust

The concept of product marketing is based on creating trust and connecting with the customers. Try to connect to your customers by providing them useful and interesting information about the services and products you offer.

And marketing videos are best for this.  It helps in engaging and igniting emotions in the customers. It even convinces skeptical customers who fear fraud and cheating. Marketing videos generate a sense of individual approach.  Approximately 57% of customers admit that videos gave them more confidence to purchase the product.

  • Search engines love videos

Watching marketing videos increases the time spent by the visitors to your site. Consequently, the longer exposure of the visitor signals search engines of good captivating content.

We recommend making sure to optimize your marketing videos for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Things to consider include interesting titles and descriptions, backlinks to your website, products, and services. 

  • Marketing videos explain effectively

Marketing videos are the best platform to include complete explanatory information about your services or products. In a market research study, about 98% of the customers admitted that they watch explainer videos for details of a product. 83% of businesses admit that explainer videos are very productive. So about 45% of businesses are using explainer videos for their services and products. Animated videos are perfect for explaining a difficult concept.

  • Video engages customers effectively

Video content is a powerful tool to engage and educate your customers about your products. Video marketing works on many levels. It targets not only the eyes but also the ears of potential customers.

Since in this fast-moving world, customers don’t have time to go through long product descriptions. So use marketing videos to drive sales. 

  • Videos stimulate sharing on social platforms

These days most social media platforms encourage video content with their new features. YouTube is the most loved social networking platform in the world. Facebook, Instagram has features like Reels, Live Videos, Instagram Stories, etc. Remember, on social media people share emotions, not facts. So you should try to make delightful videos to increase shares on social media platforms. In return, it will increase traffic to your site.

Tips to consider when it comes to video marketing

Here we have suggested 5 tips to consider when creating a video marketing strategy for your business.

  • Define your target audience

We recommend defining your target audience, before planning a video marketing strategy. Determine whom to target and create your marketing videos accordingly.

Find out the likes, dislikes, dreams, pain points, desires, and requirements of your target audience. It will all help you to create relatable, and actionable video content.

  • Define goals

You need to have clear tangible goals to achieve. It will help to judge your video marketing success.

Some common goals to put on your list include increasing brand awareness, demand and conversions, and increased business revenue.

  • Set your budget

You should set a video marketing budget that you can comfortably work with. It will need consideration to several factors like what types of videos you will make and who will make them.

  • Decide on the types of videos to make

If your videos do not tie up well with your audience, the endeavor will be in vain. So decide on the type of videos you choose to create. The most effective types of videos popular today include demo Videos, event Videos, how-to videos, expert Interviews, live videos, and product reviews.

  • Figure out how to measure success

After you are ready with your marketing video, next you need to figure out how to measure the success of the video activity. And for this, you have to be clear about the outcomes you want from the video.

Some common ways to measure the success of marketing videos are customer engagement, likes and comments received, view Count, shares of the video, and sales and conversions growth.


Marketing videos are continuously growing in terms of popularity among customers. It is a highly effective form of content. It is in fact one of the best ways to get up close to your customers and give them an actual peek of what your business and products are all about.

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