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Your Guide to Creating Motion Graphics That Convert

February 2020
Creating Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a great way to catch the attention of leads and educate them on the product or service you are trying to sell. A quick video made with motion graphics is not just easy to follow along and fun to watch, but it also helps explain to the lead exactly what your product or service does and how they can benefit by using it. Motion graphics help to convert hot leads into paying customers, and the trick to creating, top-notch motion graphics is not a secret. You don’t need to be a professional to create eye-catching motion graphics from scratch. 

Read on to find a few tried and tested tips that will help you create superb motion graphics that convert.

Incorporate motion tracking within your motion graphics

Creating a motion graphic from scratch is a great way of making it feel authentic and eye-catching. Another good option to try when trying to make superb motion graphics is to add motion tracking in it. Adding a single point track in your motion graphics makes it look incredibly professional, and it does a great job of sparking the interest of the viewer. A motion tracking element could be anything, a moving car or even just a simple moving body part.

Blur out the backgrounds

Attention to detail makes anything much more interesting and exciting. When there are numerous elements on the screen in your motion graphics, the viewer can get easily distracted. They will not be able to look and interpret the main essence of the motion graphics. Instead, they will end up paying attention to numerous other minuscule details that won’t help you to convert. The best way to keep the viewer’s attention on the main element of the motion graphics is to simply blur out the background. The point of a motion graphic is to drive the main message home. Thus, taking all the attention from the background and refocusing it on the main element does a great job of adding sharpness to it. Doing so will also ensure that the attention of the viewer is at one single point.

Reveal the motion graphic creatively

Merely putting a show of the motion graphic is good, but not great. To make sure that the motion graphic is incredibly eye-catching, reveal it in a creative way. You could begin the sequence of the motion graphic by rotating the frame, scaling it, fading, or even adding patterns to the reveal. This adds a zest to the motion graphic, ultimately making it look incredibly interesting and professional.

Tell a single story with your motion graphics

A motion graphic needs to be crisp and straight to the point if you are looking to use it as a conversion tool. When you beat around the bush a lot or tell multiple stories with a single motion graphic, you can lose the attention of the viewer very quickly. Thus, rendering the motion graphic useless. This is why it is always wise to stick to a single story and tell it using motion graphics.

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