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List of 8 Best Tools For Graphic Designers

May 2021
best tools for graphic designers

Being a graphic designer implies life-long learning of new skills, tips, and tricks every single day. To keep up with changing fads, you need to update your weaponry. The best tools for graphic designers just level up your talent and make your projects more efficient. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can’t know everything at once. Learning comes in the process and for that right type of tools of software are essential to uplift your creativity. After all what work does a designer do! Putting the ideas and thoughts into the pictures and communicating through them. 

Along with your thoughts, these tools will help to enhance it more thus making your clients satisfied and happy. A professional graphic designer knows the feeling when the client appreciates their work and for gaining that experience, we need the right software and equipment. 

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We are discussing too much about the right tools, the right software, etc. the question might pop in your head as to what are the best tools for graphic designers available among so many options available on the web. Don’t worry! We got you covered. Following is the list prepared for your convenience. Have a look at it.

1. Proofhub

Changing technological trends might be a hurdle for survival in the industry but it also provides the tools that make your work much easier. ProofHub is one such proofing tool that puts an end to your hassle. It saves the time and effort of sending and receiving emails regarding changes before finalizing the project. 


  • This is one of the best tools for graphic designers known for its time tracking feature.
  • It makes the feedback and review process easier.
  • It comes with the exceptional characteristic of keeping everyone looped in discussions.
  • File-sharing can be done in an effortless way by keeping all files organized in one place. 


Proof hub starts at $45/month including 40 projects, unlimited users, and 15GB storage. This graphic design software free trial is available on their website. 

2. Procreate (Best tools for graphic designers)

One of the best software for graphic design that is exclusively for iPad users. It has a unique and wide variety of tools to level up your work. It has the unique feature of recording all drawing illustrations. This software enables Apple users to create amazing projects using Apple pencil directly on the screen.

Features –

  • It has over 200 hand brushes that can even be customized via brush studio.
  • It levels up your creativity by having total control over the colors.
  • With its multi-touch feature, you can save much of your time and effort.
  • Pro Create works with 120fps speed making the completion of the project quick.
  • It comes at an affordable price which is beneficial for beginners.


It comes at an economical cost of $9.99 without the requirement of subscriptions. Beginners can also avail of it at this cost

3. Adobe Photoshop

This is one of the best software for graphic design at the beginning or professional level. From 1990 till now, it is still considered as the must-have software for graphic designing. It is an indispensable tool offering a huge variety of features. It might take you many years to learn all its features but once you discovered it all, you can satisfy any client with your service.

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  • It attracts a much active community with its advanced features.
  • Beginners might find a lot of challenge learning it.
  • The design software being, a bit costly can’t be afforded by all.
  • Once you are familiar with the tools, it helps to make your project more efficient.
  • It has a large variety of tools that make your project unique and catchy.


Photoshop is available for $20.99 per month along with 100GB storage. Another package is accessible at $9.99 for all photographers with limited editing features.

4. Adobe Indesign

This is another the best software for graphic design and easier to use in comparison to Adobe photoshop. It will also be beneficial to beginners as they would learn the art to combine texts and visuals easily. It enables the resizing of pictures automatically saving your precious time. 


  • It comes with multiple images resizing features at the same time that makes it easier to create graphics.
  • If you work in a team, you can now share the images and text with your members through Adobe InDesign.
  • Not suitable for beginners or people using it as a hobby.
  • Tags can be added to keywords, indexes along with hyperlinks.
  • Appropriate for only enterprise use.


This tool offers a monthly subscription of $20.99/month.

5. Coreldraw Graphic Suite

This is yet another best tool for graphic designers offering extraordinary functions and easy-to-use patterns. Customized macros are offered at Corel’s Developer community. Productivity is accelerated with its huge application workflow. It comes up with a distinctive feature of exporting files in up to 48 file types consisting of JPG, PNG, AutoCAD, EPS, HTML, XML, etc.


  • Multiple payment options for the suitability of customer.
  • Can export up to 48 file types.
  • It lays out finer EPS giving high-resolution prints.
  • You can connect GPU over default CPU while working with system-intensive graphics.
  • Unlike Adobe Photoshop, it has Non-availability of mobile applications.
  • It causes no disruption while working with the surface pen or stylus.
  • It is easy and fun to use. So you might think of having a new hobby!


Corel Draw graphic design software free trial is accessible for fifteen days. Full version costs at $474 with an assurance of returning money back in thirty days. You can also choose among annual subscriptions for $198 / $16.50 per month.

6. Blenders

Got passion for designing and money gets in the way? Well, this is one of the best software for graphic design on the rescue. It permits you to create 3D visual apps and animations free of cost. It comes with some amazing features including editing, python scripting, simulation, etc. 


  • This software helps to create 3D interface apps and animations.
  • Comes up with an extraordinary tool kit that helps to mold, sculpt and edit visually.
  • The graphic design software free version is available giving access to all.
  • Easy to change the 2D art into 3D art with the blender software.
  • Different kinds of tools are available for any kind of scripting.
  • UI communication helps to customize the blender’s windows.


It comes free of cost. Now you can fulfill your passion with the Blender graphic design software free of cost.

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7.  Affinity Designer

Among all the graphic designing software, Affinity Designer is considered one of the best tools for graphic designers. It is so because it provides various features that are used to create vector graphics. With its advanced features, drawings, graphics, icons, templates, websites can be easily designed. 


  • Its availability at an economical price is one of the best features.
  • Accuracy is ensured with its zoom feature.
  • Like Corel Draw, it does not give access to any apps.
  • Familiarizing its features can be a little difficult for beginners.
  • Drawings, web designing, icons, badges all can be created using Affinity design.
  • It is easily accessible to beginners as well.


It would cost you $49.99 for a one-time purchase.

8. Vectonator

Another best tool for graphic designers that gives you easy access to all professional tools at zero cost. MacBook or iPad users, this is the perfect software for your designing needs. It gives access to unlimited layers, live blend modes, and many more advanced features.


  • Available for only apple users (iPad, MacBook, iOS)
  • This graphic design software free version is accessible on the web.
  • Can’t be accessed by windows or android users.
  • Best compatible for using a stylus for drawing illustrations.


It is as freely available as air in the environment.

9. Genially

This is one of the best tools for graphic designers with many enhanced features. Genially is available without any charge on the web. Also, you can make as many numbers of graphics as you want and too for nothing. Think twice before dropping the idea of being a graphic designer because of money issues! You might regret it. This software also gives access to make web sliders, attractive templates, etc.


  • It offers both free and premium plans.
  • Premium plans offer interactive discussion sessions upon chat rooms.
  • You can develop as many samples as you want free of cost.
  • This allows users to make web sliders.
  • Animations can be easily done through this software.
  • It can ensure the satisfaction of your clients as it comes with a wide range of characteristics.


It is totally free of any kind of charge. Along with it, it offers a premium plan at $9 which is quite affordable.

Bottom Line

We hope that you got the information needed to analyze the best software for graphic design. Now nothing might come in between you and your passion. Pick up your drawing pens or stylus and give it a good start. Happy Designing!

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