The Case For Merging Email Marketing With Digital Advertising

Both email marketing and advertising (PPC, SEM, video ads, etc.) are extremely impactful marketing techniques online. But marketers seldom use the two strategies together. As global internet consumption reaches an all-time high, companies can benefit greatly by merging email marketing with their digital advertising efforts. Here’s how doing so would help:  You have better insight about your prospect’s preferred […]

Make Your Website Disability – Friendly With These Tips

According to the ILO, 15% of the global population is differently – abled. Unfortunately, the reality is that a lot of websites are still not as accessible as they should be. This type of discrimination limits the reach and potential of the differently – abled . Did you know that you can avoid this and […]

SEO Trends to Keep in Mind When Developing a Website in 2020

The new year’s begun, and SEO is more relevant than ever. If you’re designing a new website for your business (or re-designing an old one), then it’s essential to follow key SEO trends that’ll help you get ranked in 2020. At Reversed Out Creative, our Covington KY ad agency has made a list of the […]

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