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How To Improve Your Logo Design

In our previous blogs, we’ve discussed the importance of color theory and your design. The next important step to consider when creating your company and website is the logo. Logos serve a very important function for your website and business. You need to take the time to plan out and design the perfect logo for

Blog Basics

How to start Your Business Blog Here you are again, feeling that obligation to write something so that there is something new on your website. A blog. Over and over experts in the digital playgroup keep reiterating the importance of a blog as part of your digital marketing strategy. It isn’t that you don’t understand

5 Ways to Bring Traffic to Your Website

1. Gain Traffic with Advertisements Whether you’re using billboards, social media, or commercials to advertise, building your brand and getting your site in front of people is key to getting more digital traffic. Advertising can bring in people from so many different places. Buying ads on social media, or paying to boost your post may

Your Brand

Branding yourself is your first step to getting on top of the digital world. Ask yourself: Why does your brand exist? What does your brand do? What is your brand’s story? What kind of message are you trying to send to the audience? Your brand is your logo, your attitude, how you present your products,

Content – Why is it the key to new customers?

Content has become the primary tool that companies use for building relationships with their customers; the stronger your content, the stronger your relationship. So, how do you create strong copy for your brand? First, you have to understand what content marketing is and how it works. Content Marketing Content marketing focuses on creating and sharing