Ephemeral Content: How to Use It for Your Marketing

Marketing is a field that is always evolving, and the latest marketing trend is one that you should quickly make use of. We’re talking about ephemeral content –content that is available only for a short period of time, then disappears. If you are not familiar with this concept, you may think that content that disappears is counterproductive for your […]

Using Social Media to Form Authentic Relationships With Your Audience

Companies that focus on making the customer experience positive and seamless generate revenues that are 5.7X more than companies that don’t focus on customer experience.  For most people, the first step in the customer experience journey starts on social media. After all, that is where they discover new brands/products, seek information/reviews about them, and sometimes visit the e-store or […]

Want To Increase Your Followers On Instagram? | Here Are 2020 Tips To Increasing Instagram Followers

Want to learn how to get more Instagram followers in 2020? Although user growth has reportedly dropped, Instagram still retains its position as the second most widely used social networking channel (in the U.S.) behind Facebook. The Instagram application is the second most popular iPhone app (after YouTube). Out of a billion monthly Instagram users, […]

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