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How We Would Help a Manufacturing Company With a $10,000/Mo. Marketing Budget Allocation: A Hypothetical Scenario

March 2023
Marketing budget allocation chart for ACME Manufacturin

Jessica Smith and the Marketing Challenge at ACME Manufacturing

How do you allocate a marketing budget?
Determining the right marketing budget allocation for your business can be a challenging task. With numerous marketing channels and strategies to consider, finding the perfect balance to maximize your return on investment is crucial.

What is the average marketing budget allocation?
It’s essential to know that the average marketing budget allocation falls between 6 to 14% of total revenue, with B2C companies generally spending more on marketing compared to B2Bs. Smaller companies also tend to spend a higher percentage of their total revenue on marketing efforts.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how Jessica, the marketing director at ACME Manufacturing, a small B2B industrial equipment manufacturer, successfully allocates a $10,000 monthly marketing budget with the help of us, Reversed Out Creative, a full-service, off-site marketing agency.

We’ll take a closer look at how the agency guides Jessica in investing her marketing budget across various marketing disciplines such as digital advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, and influencer marketing to maximize the impact of her marketing efforts.

Join us as we delve into the marketing strategies employed by Reversed Out Creative and the outcomes of Jessica’s marketing budget allocation, providing insights and inspiration for businesses looking to optimize their marketing spend and achieve their objectives.

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Selecting a Marketing Agency and Establishing a Partnership

Armed with a clear understanding of her company’s goals, challenges, and target audience, Jessica begins her search for a marketing agency that can help her develop and execute a comprehensive marketing plan. She’s looking for a partner with a proven track record of success in her industry, as well as expertise in a wide range of marketing disciplines, such as SEO, SEM, graphic design, web design, and video production.

After carefully evaluating several agencies, she selects one that meets her criteria and has a strong reputation for delivering results. In this scenario, that just so happens to be us!

The Consultation and Execution Process

During the initial consultation, Jessica shares her company’s goals, challenges, and target audience with the marketing agency. The agency listens attentively and asks insightful questions to better understand ACME Manufacturing’s unique situation. They explain that a successful marketing strategy involves not only allocating the budget effectively but also integrating various marketing activities to create a cohesive and powerful brand message.

Allocating the $10,000/month Marketing Budget

With the consultation process complete and a strong partnership established, Jessica and the marketing agency work with the $10,000/month marketing budget allocation across various marketing activities. This allocation is designed to maximize ACME Manufacturing’s marketing reach and drive growth by focusing on the most effective channels for their target audience.

As they collaborate on the marketing budget allocation, Jessica and the marketing agency consider the following marketing activities:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing

For each marketing activity, they discuss the specific goals, target audience, and expected outcomes, along with the associated costs. By balancing short-term objectives with long-term growth potential, Jessica and the marketing agency create a comprehensive and effective marketing plan.

Executing the Marketing Plan and Tracking Results

With the marketing plan and budget allocation in place, Jessica and the marketing agency begin executing the various marketing activities. Throughout the execution process, they maintain open lines of communication, holding regular meetings to discuss progress, review performance data, and make any necessary adjustments to the marketing plan.

This collaborative approach ensures that the marketing efforts remain aligned with ACME Manufacturing’s goals and that Jessica remains an active participant in the process.

As the marketing plan unfolds, Jessica starts to see tangible results. The agency’s expertise in various marketing disciplines not only expands ACME Manufacturing’s marketing reach but also enhances the company’s overall brand image.

Monitoring and Adjusting the Marketing Plan

As Jessica and the marketing agency continue to execute the marketing plan, they closely monitor the performance of each marketing activity. Using key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics, they evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts and gather valuable insights to inform future decisions.

When needed, Jessica and the agency make adjustments to the marketing plan to optimize performance. For example, if they find that a particular channel is underperforming, they may reallocate resources to a more effective channel, or they may fine-tune the strategy to improve results.

This continuous monitoring and adjustment process helps ensure that ACME Manufacturing’s marketing investments are maximized and that the company stays agile in a competitive business landscape.

Evaluating Success and Planning for the Future

After a period of executing the marketing plan, Jessica and the marketing agency conducted a comprehensive review of the results. They assess the performance of each marketing activity, analyze the return on investment (ROI), and identify key learnings to inform future marketing efforts.

With these insights, Jessica and the marketing agency can refine their strategy, make more informed decisions about budget allocation, and continue to drive growth for ACME Manufacturing.

A Successful Partnership and a Bright Future for ACME Manufacturing

By leveraging the marketing agency’s expertise, Jessica has not only expanded her one-person marketing team but also ensured that her company’s marketing efforts are strategic, effective, and data-driven. As a result, ACME Manufacturing has been able to maximize its marketing budget and drive growth in the competitive industrial equipment sector. With a focus on continuous improvement and a commitment to staying agile in a rapidly changing business landscape, Jessica and the marketing agency have set the stage for a bright future for ACME Manufacturing.

Below we go into more detail of the process and how the dollars were allocated.

Digital Advertising ($3,000):

  • Introduction to Digital Advertising:
    The agency advises Jessica to invest 30% of her budget ($3,000) in digital advertising on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. They explain that digital advertising is a powerful tool for reaching a wide audience quickly and effectively, especially when targeting specific demographics and interests. By allocating a significant portion of her budget to digital advertising, Jessica can increase ACME Manufacturing’s online visibility and generate high-quality leads.
  • Campaign Creation and Management:
    The digital advertising experts work closely with Jessica to create and manage targeted campaigns that reach potential customers with a genuine interest in industrial equipment. They begin by conducting thorough keyword research, identifying the most relevant and high-performing keywords for ACME Manufacturing’s products. This research helps them develop targeted ad copy and landing pages that resonate with the target audience and encourage them to take action.
  • Audience Targeting:
    In addition to keyword research, the digital advertising team assists Jessica in setting up audience targeting parameters, ensuring that her ads are displayed to users who are most likely to be interested in ACME Manufacturing’s offerings. This includes factors such as location, age, job title, and browsing behavior. By focusing on a well-defined target audience, digital advertising campaigns can generate a higher return on investment and maximize the impact of Jessica’s budget.
  • Performance Monitoring and Optimization:
    Throughout the campaign, the digital advertising experts monitor and analyze the performance of each ad, identifying areas of success and opportunities for optimization. They provide Jessica with regular performance reports, detailing key metrics such as impressions, clicks, and conversions. This data-driven approach allows them to make informed decisions about adjusting ad spend, tweaking ad copy, and exploring new targeting options to continuously improve campaign performance.
  • Conversion Tracking and Attribution:
    The agency also emphasizes the importance of tracking conversions and attributing them to specific digital advertising channels. This information helps Jessica understand which platforms and campaigns are driving the best results, allowing her to make data-driven decisions about where to allocate her digital advertising budget in the future.
  • Conclusion: Maximizing the Impact of Digital Advertising
    By investing $3,000 in digital advertising and partnering with experienced experts, Jessica can effectively expand ACME Manufacturing’s online presence and reach potential customers who are genuinely interested in industrial equipment. The targeted, data-driven approach ensures that her budget is used efficiently and generates tangible results for her company.

Content Marketing ($2,000):

The marketing agency recommends that Jessica allocate 20% of her budget ($2,000) to content marketing, a powerful approach to building brand awareness, establishing thought leadership, and engaging potential customers. Through well-crafted content, ACME Manufacturing can provide valuable insights and solutions to its target audience, positioning the company as a trusted resource in the industrial equipment industry.

The content marketing team works closely with Jessica to develop a comprehensive content strategy, which includes:

  • Blogging:
    Creating informative and engaging blog posts related to the industrial equipment industry, which can be shared on ACME Manufacturing’s website and social media channels. These posts help drive organic traffic to the website and improve search engine rankings.
  • Whitepapers and Ebooks:
    Developing in-depth resources on industry trends, and challenges, which can be used as lead magnets to attract potential customers and gather their contact information. These resources showcase ACME Manufacturing’s expertise and establish the company as a thought leader in the industry.
  • Webinars and Video Content:
    Hosting webinars and producing video content to demonstrate ACME Manufacturing’s products and services, as well as share valuable insights and expertise with the target audience. This multimedia approach helps engage potential customers and strengthens the company’s online presence.

The content marketing team ensures that all content is optimized for search engines, incorporating relevant keywords and following SEO best practices. This optimization helps ACME Manufacturing’s content rank higher in search engine results, increasing the company’s visibility and attracting more organic traffic.

Throughout the content marketing process, the team maintains open lines of communication with Jessica, discussing content ideas, gathering her input, and incorporating her feedback. They also provide her with regular performance reports, detailing key metrics such as website traffic, engagement, and lead generation. This data-driven approach allows them to make informed decisions about which types of content resonate most with the target audience and how to continuously improve their content strategy.

By investing $2,000 in content marketing, Jessica can effectively build ACME Manufacturing’s brand authority and engage with potential customers on a deeper level. The strategic, data-driven approach ensures that her budget is used efficiently and generates meaningful results for her company.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ($2,000):

  • Keyword Research and Strategy:
    The SEO experts work with Jessica to identify relevant keywords that her target audience is likely to use when searching for products or information related to ACME Manufacturing’s offerings. They conduct comprehensive keyword research to uncover both high-traffic and long-tail keywords that can help her website rank higher in search engine results.
  • On-Page Optimization:
    Once the keyword strategy is established, the SEO team collaborates with Jessica to optimize the website’s structure and content. This includes improving page load speeds, ensuring mobile-friendliness, and implementing proper meta tags and header tags. They also work with the content team to create keyword-optimized content that appeals to both search engines and human readers.
  • Off-Page Strategies and Link Building:
    In addition to on-page optimization, SEO experts focus on off-page strategies, such as building high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites within the industry. They help Jessica identify potential link-building opportunities, such as guest posting, industry collaborations, or PR initiatives. By acquiring valuable backlinks, ACME Manufacturing’s website gains credibility in the eyes of search engines, which can lead to higher rankings and increased organic traffic.
  • Performance Monitoring and Analysis:
    The SEO team continuously monitors and analyzes the performance of ACME Manufacturing’s website, tracking key metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, and click-through rates. This data-driven approach allows them to identify areas for improvement and adjust their SEO strategies accordingly. Jessica receives regular progress reports that provide insights into the impact of the SEO efforts and helps inform future marketing decisions.

Conclusion: Long-lasting Results with SEO

By investing $2,000 in SEO, Jessica can boost ACME Manufacturing’s online visibility and drive organic traffic to their website. The SEO experts’ holistic approach, which combines keyword research, on-page optimization, and off-page strategies, ensures that her investment yields long-lasting results and contributes to the overall success of ACME Manufacturing’s marketing efforts.

As ACME Manufacturing’s website rises in search engine rankings, the company can expect to see a steady increase in organic traffic, resulting in more potential customers discovering their products and services. This long-term strategy not only helps improve brand exposure but also supports the company’s growth and success in the competitive industrial equipment market.

By partnering with experienced SEO professionals and allocating 20% of her marketing budget to these efforts, Jessica can rest assured that her investment is well-spent, providing a solid foundation for ACME Manufacturing’s online presence and ensuring that her marketing dollars are used efficiently and effectively.

Social Media Marketing ($1,600):

Jessica is encouraged to allocate 16% of her budget ($1,600) to increase ACME Manufacturing’s presence on social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Social media has become an essential marketing channel, offering businesses the opportunity to connect with customers, showcase their products, and establish a strong brand identity.

  • Creating Targeted Social Media Campaigns:
    Social media specialists help her create targeted social media campaigns that align with ACME Manufacturing’s overall marketing strategy and objectives. They work closely with Jessica to understand the company’s brand voice, unique selling points, and target audience. This insight enables them to craft engaging and relevant content that resonates with potential customers and drives engagement.
  • Developing an Editorial Calendar:
    In addition to content creation, the social media specialists assist Jessica in developing an editorial calendar that outlines when and where the content will be posted. This calendar ensures a consistent brand presence across various platforms and helps Jessica manage her social media efforts more efficiently. The specialists also provide guidance on the best times to post and the optimal frequency.
  • Paid Social Media Campaigns:
    To further amplify ACME Manufacturing’s social media presence, the social media specialists collaborate with Jessica on paid social media campaigns. These campaigns can target specific demographics, interests, or behaviors, making it easier to reach potential customers who are likely to be interested in ACME Manufacturing’s products. By allocating a portion of her social media budget to paid advertising, Jessica can increase the visibility of her content and generate a higher return on investment.
  • Performance Monitoring and Analysis:
    The social media specialists continuously monitor and analyze the performance of ACME Manufacturing’s social media efforts, tracking metrics such as engagement, reach, and conversions. This data-driven approach allows them to identify successful content and strategies, as well as areas for improvement. Jessica receives regular reports on her social media performance, enabling her to make informed decisions about future campaigns and adjust her strategy as needed.
  • Maximizing Social Media Investment:
    By allocating $1,600 to social media marketing, Jessica can effectively increase ACME Manufacturing’s presence on popular platforms and connect with potential customers in a more personal and engaging way. The social media specialists’ expertise in content creation, campaign management, and performance analysis ensures that her investment yields tangible results and contributes to the overall success of ACME Manufacturing’s marketing efforts.

Email Marketing ($1,000):

  • Investing in Cost-Effective Communication
    The agency advises Jessica to allocate 10% of her budget ($1,000) to email marketing, as it remains one of the most cost-effective and targeted marketing channels. By investing in email marketing, Jessica can strengthen ACME Manufacturing’s relationships with potential customers and encourage them to choose ACME Manufacturing for their industrial equipment needs.
  • Choosing the Right Tools and Growing the Email List
    Email marketing experts help Jessica choose the right email marketing software and devise list-building activities that attract new subscribers and grow ACME Manufacturing’s email database. By continuously expanding her email list, Jessica can reach a larger audience and increase the potential impact of her campaigns.
  • Crafting Creative Campaigns and Segmentation
    The experts assist Jessica in crafting creative and engaging campaigns and support her in segmenting her email list based on factors such as demographics, engagement, and purchase history. This segmentation allows her to send targeted messages that address the specific needs and preferences of each subscriber group, driving higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.
  • Data-Driven Performance Analysis and Optimization
    The email marketing experts continuously monitor and analyze the performance of ACME Manufacturing’s campaigns, identifying areas for improvement and optimizing future campaigns for better results. Jessica receives regular reports on her email marketing performance, empowering her to make informed decisions about her strategy and adjust her approach as needed.
  • Maximizing Email Marketing Investment
    By allocating $1,000 to email marketing, Jessica can effectively nurture leads, build strong relationships with subscribers, and drive conversions for ACME Manufacturing. The email marketing experts’ guidance in software selection, list-building activities, and campaign development ensures that her investment yields significant results and contributes to the overall success of ACME Manufacturing’s marketing efforts.

Influencer Marketing ($400):

  • Tapping into New Audiences and Building Trust
    The agency suggests allocating the remaining 4% of her budget ($400) to collaborating with micro-influencers or niche influencers in the manufacturing industry. Influencer marketing allows ACME Manufacturing to tap into new audiences and build trust with potential customers.
  • Identifying and Evaluating Influencers
    The influencer marketing team conducts research to identify suitable micro-influencers or niche influencers within the manufacturing industry, evaluating potential influencers based on audience demographics, engagement rates, content quality, and alignment with ACME Manufacturing’s brand values.
  • Establishing Partnerships and Developing Campaigns
    The team reaches out to influencers to establish partnerships and negotiates terms, collaborating with Jessica to develop creative and mutually beneficial campaigns that showcase ACME Manufacturing’s products in an authentic and engaging way.
  • Monitoring Performance and Optimization
    Throughout the influencer marketing campaign, the team closely monitors performance metrics, allowing them to assess the effectiveness of the partnerships and make any necessary adjustments to optimize results. Jessica receives regular reports on her influencer marketing performance, providing valuable insights into the impact of her investment.
  • Maintaining Strong Relationships with Influencers
    The influencer marketing team works to maintain strong relationships with the influencers, ensuring both parties are satisfied with the partnership. This ongoing relationship management helps to create long-lasting, fruitful collaborations that continue to generate value for ACME Manufacturing.
  • Maximizing Influencer Marketing Investment
    By allocating $400 to influencer marketing, Jessica can effectively reach new audiences and build trust with potential customers, ultimately contributing to ACME Manufacturing’s growth and success. The influencer marketing team’s expertise in identifying, managing, and optimizing partnerships ensures that her investment yields tangible results and strengthens ACME Manufacturing’s position in the competitive industrial equipment market.


With the guidance and execution of Reversed Out Creative, Jessica successfully allocates her $10,000/month marketing budget allocation and expands her one-person marketing department into a comprehensive, off-site team of experts. By strategically investing in various marketing disciplines such as SEO, SEM, graphic design, web design, video production, and more, Jessica effectively maximizes the impact of her budget and reaches her target audience with a multi-faceted approach.

As ACME Manufacturing’s marketing efforts gain momentum, the company experiences increased brand awareness, improved online visibility, and a steady influx of new leads and customers. The diverse marketing strategies employed by Reversed Out Creative not only help Jessica reach her goals but also establish ACME Manufacturing as a thought leader within the industrial equipment industry.

By partnering with Reversed Out Creative, Jessica is able to access a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and resources that would otherwise be difficult to acquire with a limited budget and a one-person marketing team. The agency’s tailored approach ensures that each marketing strategy is optimized for ACME Manufacturing’s specific needs and goals, delivering a strong return on investment and fostering long-term growth.

If your business, like ACME Manufacturing, is looking to optimize its marketing budget allocation and make the most of your marketing efforts, Reversed Out Creative is here to help. Our team of experts can provide you with the guidance, strategy, and execution you need to expand your marketing reach and achieve your business objectives. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your company succeed in the competitive marketplace.

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